Drop Your Baggage and Sail Happy in this Brilliant Balloon – A Fun Meditation

Imagine your own hot air balloon with whatever design, shape or colors you love.
What does yours look like?
Create a fun basket gondola of your choice.
(Install anything, for comfort and enjoyment.)

Visualize this just the way you would love it.

Now, what terrain would you fly over?
The seaside, the mountains, a special town or an ancient civilization?
Your choice.

Before we sail, take a moment to consider what weighs you down.
In your life, what recurring vibes drag you down?
What situations bring anger, disgust, frustration, fear, worry, grief, guilt, shame, scorn?

Maybe it’s your reaction to heavy traffic or a mess somebody left you, or a personal fight, or anxieties in health or finances. Maybe it’s a frustration at your job or in your family.
How does your body feel in those difficult moments?
Where in your body do you feel that?
What sensations do you feel?

You know these mental-emotional habits cramp your style and drain your energy.
Remember, you do have a choice in the way that you react to anything, even in difficult situations.

Now go to a time and a place that makes you feel good.
Go into the scenario of an ideal situation.
Perhaps it’s a place of natural beauty or any place you like, possibly with a friend or a favorite pet.
Go to your light-hearted scene, where you feel so good.
Feel the pleasant, relaxed, happy sensations in your body.
Go into it, feel it, and bask in it.

Okay, it’s time for our flight.
Here is your wondrous balloon and gondola, with your old baggage beside it.
Load up the suitcases – which contain your heavy mental-emotional habits.

Step into your beautiful gondola.
Your balloon stretches high above your head.

Settle in now.
Breathe into your belly and relax.
Go loose and limp and heavy.
Breathe deeply.
No work, no effort.

With every breath, the tight places in your body melt.
Fully, totally relax.

With every in-breath, divine love flows into every cell of your body.
With every out-breath you release cellular garbage, aggravations, worries, and frustrations.
Again the in-breath brings sweetness, light, and love.

Every breath is filling your balloon even more.
Every breath is uplifting this balloon.

Breathe deeply and feel yourself rise, little by little, a few inches, a few feet.
Feel the sensation of drifting upward.
Higher and higher.

Higher than a tree now.
Higher than a rooftop.
Higher, but not quite flying yet.

You want to go higher, to see the beautiful views?
Take one of those shabby suitcases, one old negative reaction.
Which one is it?
It has been draining your energy for such a long time.
You are so tired of carrying this.
So tired of your habitual reaction.

You are ready to make a new choice in that situation.
Ready to be relaxed and easy in your heart.
Imagine yourself relaxing in that situation, choosing a mellow way of handling it, or breathing through it without resistance.
Imagine staying peaceful inside.

Lift that shabby suitcase over the side of the gondola.
Drop it.
How delicious it feels, to drop it.
(It lands safely, not hurting anything.)

Your balloon immediately rises higher into more freedom.
Feel the liberation.

Look out upon your gorgeous terrain.

See it, all the lovely details.

Smell it.

Feel it.

Want to go higher?
Drop another bag.
This could be another negative response habit.
Or an old grudge against somebody.
Heavy, isn’t it?
Imagine replacing it with peace.

Lift that bag over the side.
Let go.

Hooray, you’re done with that one.

Again your balloon ascends.

It’s so deliciously easy.
The graceful breeze cares for you and glides with you.

Look out upon your exquisite scenic place.

What a perfect day.

Look in each direction, take your time.

What do you see?

Such a brilliant, delightful place.

Do you have another old suitcase to drop?
Maybe it’s a difficult memory.
Some trauma that happened to you or a friend, or to a group of people.
You carry it for the sake of justice.
Justice must be served, you’re right.
But so far you haven’t been able to repair it.

Are you truly in charge of that justice?
Feelings of revenge suck the life out of you.

Do you want to keep slogging along with this burden?
You could surrender, release it, take yourself off the hook.

After all this time, this is not yours to carry anymore.

Lift that burden over the side.
Drop it.

Feel the refreshing freedom.

The zephyrs carry you higher. 

Breathe deeply and take in the sweetness.

Take in the beauty you see.
Take in the vibrant Earth and Sky.

Luxuriate in your comfort and freedom.

Sail on.
Sail on.
Sail on.


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moon-balloon by PIRO4D of Pixabay brightened 96dpi

(Thanks to PIRO4D of Pixabay for this image.)


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