Focus upon Abundance, Joy, and Gentle Soothing Rain, says Dr. Peebles

We are weathering the storm now, says Dr. Peebles in his June 30th discussion.
Focus upon the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep your attention on Love and Gratitude.

And speaking of weather . . .

Drought conditions are going to continue as long as people are feeling a drought in their life.

What you need to understand is, when you start to focus upon the abundance and the joy, and release yourself from the pain and the fears, and really strive to see that there is possibility for beauty and wonder to be occurring in the world, that is when you will start to awaken the storms again. The beautiful rains, the ones that come down and drizzle and saturate the Earth.

Because the weather patterns certainly do respond to the human heart.

So when you have gatherings and prayer and other things, and you say thank you to the Universe, thank you to the Waters of the planet, when you say, thank you so very much, we look forward to seeing beautiful clouds in the sky, and we look forward to the gentle rains coming down upon the Earth, and you invite them in, you will start to see those changes happen.

But unfortunately right now upon the planet Earth there’s a lot of adversity, a lot of pain, a lot of anger.
Hence, you have a lot of fires and other occurrences. Volcanic eruptions are due to tremendous built-up and pent-up anger and frustrations that are upon the Earth.

Human beings need to stop, stop, stop with all of this and start to put your attention upon that which you want to create. Beauty, and truly, a weather pattern that is a bit more gentle right now.
It would be perfect.
You don’t necessarily want to have torrential downpours of rain. You want to ask for gentle rains, so that it can slowly saturate the Earth and slowly bring things back into balance.

So how long will it be?
It’ll be as long as human beings decide to continue with their frustrations and fears and such.
But right now it’s turning around.

So we would say in about four months or so, things will start to turn around more and more. Because people will have nowhere else to turn except to God, to say, we need help here! We don’t want to have this drought anymore. We need Your help and assistance.

More and more people will be turning to prayer. Even those who are atheists will start to awaken and say, where else do we turn? We’ve turned to science; we’ve turned to Nature. We tried to make things happen, we tried to force it to happen, and we can’t. We just need to surrender and ask God for help.
We must have some other universal force that needs to be triggered into action here.

And what is that?
It’s always the human heart, is it not?
God bless you indeed. 

                                             – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon


Hear more of this inspiring June 30th discussion on mp3 which will help you lighten up!

This was a delightful Q&A session which brought many surprises to me.
I know you’ll enjoy it.

Topics included:

  • Creating miracles
  • When Angels intervene; help from the other side; how & why it happens
  • Possession: why it happens, how to clear it and prevent it
  • More on the Vaccine: psychic and spiritual effects, and more
  • What Mother Earth thinks about waste, toxins and how we dispose of them
  • Rain for drought-stricken areas; emotions impact the weather
  • New technologies: harvesting healing energy from humans
  • Changing your Soul’s Contract (and how you make one in the first place)
  • Understanding God’s Love
  • Life on Earth in 2037
  • Will everybody connect to 5D awareness?
  • Can we reincarnate as Jesus?
  • Our dreams: their purpose, meaning, and how they work
  • Rest your brain
  • ….and more!

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for providing this great session of June 30th – don’t miss it.

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Let It Rain by Sheila Sund of Flickr

(MANY Thanks to Sheila Sund of Flickr for this delicious image, “Let It Rain.”)

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