Is Your Heart as Light and Easy as the Feather of Truth?

Let your heart be light.
You can make it so.

In the ancient Egyptian tradition, after you die, the Court of the Dead weighs your heart.

Timeless hieroglyphics show scenes of a “Trial of Heart” ceremony in the next world.
In the carved images, a scale weighs the person’s heart in balance with an ostrich feather (which symbolizes truth).

If the heart was lighter than the feather (lighter than truth), then that heart was inexperienced or had not fully participated.
Perhaps that person didn’t face their heavy challenges, traumas, setbacks, struggles.
Perhaps they ran away from these or ignored them.
The judgment was that the person had not attempted to understand the eternal truths.

If the heart was heavier than the feather (heavier than truth), then it was too attached to its difficult experiences.
It was holding onto its misfortunes and not surrendering to the eternal truths.
Perhaps earthly life was so overwhelming and absorbing that the person was blind to the larger perspective.
They were too deep into physicality and couldn’t pull out.
They couldn’t shift to the broad view of higher Truth.

Ideally the heart would weigh exactly as much as the feather of truth, fully aligned with heavenly truth.
The heart would be seasoned by its hardships and important lessons on Earth.
Those lessons would have helped the heart to understand integrity, love, surrender, acceptance, and more.
This heart would forgive and release the heavy parts of its earthly experience.

Without a wise, surrendered, well-balanced heart, the deceased could not step into the Eternal Realm.
So said the Egyptians.

I like their style, their wisdom.

What do you think?

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feather by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay modified

(Thanks to Christine Sponchia of Pixabay for this ostrich feather of truth.)

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