The Fascinating Way of the Seabhean shares the Lore of Wisewomen in Ireland

How would you like to explore the deeper cultural and spiritual traditions of Ireland, passed down through generations of wisewomen since ancient times?

Amantha Murphy has written a new book, The Way of the Seabhean (pronounced “Shavan” – female shaman)  

Amantha is a wondrous teacher, philosopher, healer, and Irish Shaman.
Even as a child she had special sight. Her grandmother taught her the ways of the Seabhean.

Amantha offers juicy teachings, tours, and pilgrimages, Celtic Soul Journeys.

In this book she shares indigenous spirituality, folklore, and traditions – some of which are seeing print here for the first time ever.
These traditions are still in use, and they bring deeper meaning to our lives.

  • The power of the Land and the beings who inhabit it
  • The first earliest remarkable mystical civilization in Ireland
  • The Tree of Life which represents the Lower World, Middle World, Upper World
  • How to journey to heal our ancestral patterns and more via these Worlds
  • The Wheel of the Year, the seasons and ancient festivals that accompany them
  • The eight points on the Wheel correspond to eight Irish Goddess archetypes
  • Stories of each of these female deities and their significance
  • The magic of fairy lore (yes, fairies are real beings here)
  • Rituals and Rites of Passage for the important transitions in our Lives
  • Awesome Meditations and Journeys
  • How to drum for journeying
  • Many methods for personal healing
  • Links to audio files for meditation and journeying
  • And so much more!

I found this book delicious and delightful.
I hope you will, too!
Let me know what you think.

Grab the Paperback version 
A Kindle version is also available 

Check out shamanic healing, sisterhood, drum circles and more with our local gifted Seabhean, Rebecca Williams (who trained with Amantha in Ireland).


Amantha Seabhean


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