You Become the Strength and the Light of the World, says Dr. Peebles

In the next wonderful installment from Dr. James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon,
the inspiring and refreshing June 16 mp3,

  • You are a flower unfolding
  • Your consciousness never dies
  • How Spirit chooses love despite pain, and you can too
  • Can you eliminate fear and anger from your menu? And How.
  • The deeper reason why you care about the pain of the world
  • Band together for peace and prayer
  • Improve the climate – both the weather and the human race
  • Darkness is the density of Light
  • Several refreshing meditations to relax, release, surrender
  • Wondrous meditation in your cells to enhance your immune system
  • What happens when you slow down enough to be kind?
  • How you have the power to heal the planet
  • You’re not a helpless little one
  • And much more juicy inspiration

I find this excerpt from the June 16 mp3 particularly inspiring:

We know it is so hard for so many of you to pray for the upliftment of those people that you can’t stand.
But they are the ones who need it – if you want your world to change.

You’re not going to change the world by killing off all the people you don’t like.
That doesn’t work.
They’ll just perhaps reincarnate, and do it all over again!

You’ll say, “Wait! I thought I got rid of them all! Now here’s more!”
Well of course there are.

There are new generations being born all the time.

There are many who are coming in with the full awareness that they are here to spread the light, love, inspiration and truth. People who will be ideally positive in all of their words.

And you will slap your head in wonder. “How in the world do they do that?”

Because they choose to, my dear friends.
They choose to love.
Your world is filled with it.

Beauty wonder, and magic.
Kindhearted individuals.

Who do you want to be, today?

Do you want to grow into greater love?

Do you have the courage to do it?

Can you start by loving yourself?

Take a nice deep breath.
Relax, release, surrender.

Go forth within your day, my dear friends.
Know that we are with you, that we are wrapping you in love.
We are pointing the way.
And it is always towards love, towards the light of understanding.

          –  Dr. James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon

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