You Run Powerful Natural Energy No Matter What You Believe or Not

Have you heard about the decades of amazing energy healing research done by Dr. Bill Bengston Ph.D.?
Since the 1970s he has dedicated himself to rigorous research, objectively testing energy healing. He takes a purely scientific approach, double blind studies and all that.

Bengston is a diehard skeptic, and his healing teams are skeptics, too.
Everything he presents publicly has been replicated in multiple labs. If other scientists can’t replicate it, he does not publish it. (He has issued over 20 scientific papers.)

Ever since a healer instantly cured his chronic back pain (in the1970s), Bengston has been asking why such a thing would happen.

Bengston and his university students began curing cancer in 1975, with hands-on healing for lab mice.
He tested an aggressive incurable mammary cancer that is always fatal for mice. (None can last more than a month.)
With his healing method, tumors would still grow, but then shrink and disappear. Every mouse was cured, 100%.

Full recovery depended on dosage (number of treatments), so he always over-treated, to be on the safe side.

The cured mice retained anticancer information in their blood, which was injected into other cancerous mice and cured them.
All these mice acquired immunity to this cancer (even with future injections of the cancer).
Their cancer immunity was passed on to their offspring, as well!

At that time Bengston offered his style of energy healing to human patients, who also recovered from their aggressive cancers.
In his experience, a person might receive several sessions where no measurable healing is occurring, but then, with accumulated doses, a sudden burst of healing occurs.

Bengston says that with his method, it is easier to take something away than to add something that’s missing.
His method works extremely well on inflammation or on removing things.
“Cancer responds immediately and dramatically” to this method, he says, especially the rapid aggressive cancers which are usually found in younger and middle-aged people.

He sees healing as a natural phenomenon, not outside of Nature, no belief needed.

He uses skeptical inexperienced volunteers to use his method in his experiments.
Ordinary people are healers.
No particular beliefs are required.

Healing happens whether the “healer” is sensitive enough to feel it or not.
Healing happens even when the “healer” feels nothing at all and simply uses the Bengston Energy Healing Method.

Bill Bengston also measures a resonant bond between the brain of the “healer” and the “healee.”
This resonant bond happens even at a distance of two thousand miles.
(These are EEG studies where the two brains go into phase-locking, and stay linked to each other, no matter the distance, for the duration of the session.)

And, you guessed it, these distance healings are every bit as effective as hands-on in-person healings!

Bengston says this process seems like a flow of information, not energy, which he thinks would diminish over distance.

According to his intensive decades of research, Bengston hypothesizes that:

  • Healing is connection.
  • Healing is an automatic response to need, rather than a state of mind.
  • Healing is stimulated by the healee.
  • Energy healing is actually a transfer of information and/or
  • Healing information flows upon energy and/or
  • Healing energy is equivalent to information.

Bengston has scientifically confirmed that healing intention can be stored in both organic and inorganic materials – in water and in cotton (as has been claimed for 100 years or more).

The healer’s hands charge up the material and the material itself will then heal the person.
One must use real cotton, not synthetic. (Apparently some stores sell synthetics.)

The healee should apply the cotton 4 days in a row, and then get rid of it, because the cotton will also pick up negative energies from painful or diseased areas.
(Again, scientifically proven, or Bengston would not have published it.)

How to use the Bengston Energy Healing Method

The main technique of the Bengston Energy Healing Method is called Image Cycling.

You create 20 mental images of things/situations you would Like, Love, and Desire for your personal future. (Practical things or fantasies, no matter.)
Spend a little time fully imagining and enjoying each scenario.
Boil down each of the 20 images to one word.

Learn to mentally run through those 20 images faster and faster – hyper-cycling.
Hyper-cycling requires concentration and practice but eventually can be done without thinking about it.
(People find the most success with this by using the instructional CDs or attending a Bengston workshop, which are reasonably priced.)

Hyper-cycling develops the skill that allows the appropriate transfer of information/energy to flow. (And personally, I think this process creates a particular vibration – but Dr. Bengston doesn’t mention that.)

However, Bengston clearly says that Image Cycling is not a healing method.
Even so, it is the core approach that he and his teams have used for 45 years in their hands-on healing.
Practitioners mentally start their Image Cycling, and apply their hands to the dis-eased area.

(I see his Image Cycling upon attractive desires as a way to step back from mind-chatter and to focus on lighthearted images. Get-out-of-your-own-way and let the hands do their natural energy flow.)

For more information, see Dr. Bengston’s book, The Energy Cure.

Do you have experience with this method, or with distance healing?
Let us know what you think!

(Yup, curing cancer for the past 45 years already . . .)

Brave New World, hey?!
I love it!


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