Come Alive to Your Heart and Return to Childlike Wonder, says Dr. Peebles

How can you regain the enthusiasm of a child?
Can you feel grateful for your next breath, in times like these?
What’s the value of facing the unknown?
Can you grasp the meaning of your difficult challenges?
What is the broad view of our life beyond human life?

Refresh yourself with the encouraging words of Dr. Peebles, who reminds us this week,
“All learning begins in the center of your heart.”

(Remember in kindergarten, when we each followed our heart, and explored accordingly? We get to go back there, now!)

Thanks to Summer Bacon for this powerful June 9 mp3 of “Dr. Peebles Speaks,” which offers so much beauty and inspiration, bringing inner alignment and peace.

Here is a taste of Dr. Peebles Speaks June 9th 

As you are working throughout your days, remember to keep your thoughts in alignment with your heart.

When you find yourself going astray, when you find yourself following a line of thought of sadness and despair and the “what-ifs” and how it’s going to end up, and trying to see the possibilities, and you find that you’re getting sucked into a more and more negative space,
remember those things have not happened, and you don’t really want to create that reality.

Find that within yourself and stop.
Just simply stop thinking that way.

Find something else to think about.

You can even just simply focus on a beautiful flower. Think about that.

Think about a moment where you saw a smile on somebody’s face that really made you happy, and focus upon that.

Those are the things that really have meaning and value and purpose, more than anything in your world.

Focus on those, instead of allowing yourself to get all tangled up like a chain of negative thoughts, and seeing a terrible outcome for all, and fearing the direction the world is going in, and fearing that everybody’s gonna fall down an endless rabbit hole.

It’s not going to be that way, my friends.
That’s not where you’re heading.
You’re heading into the light.
You’re heading into greater awareness of each other, of self, an awakening of your hearts upon the Earth.
It is the new dimension, the 5th dimension of understanding of love.

                                          Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, June 9, 2021

. . .

It is a privilege to be alive right here and right now today, in this moment, no matter what is happening around you.
Stop waiting for the stress and the pain and the struggles to stop before you are happy.

You can be happy here and now.
You can stop your hard digging.

Take a deep breath and simply look around you and find something that makes you happy.
Remember a moment in time that gave you Joy.
Look at the beauty and the wonder of the planet, of the amazing skies, the amazing things that are happening at all times.
Children are being born in this moment, taking their first breath.

Look at the amazing experience of simply standing with Nature and breathing in the love that is there.
Allow for yourself to look with wonder at the trees and the animals that are living there. They might show themselves to you, the more still you become in watching and waiting and listening and communing with Nature.

Experience your life in this moment here and now.
There is always going to be something, always something that will bring you back to center, if you take the opportunity to remember that it is a privilege to be alive.

                                          Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, June 9, 2021

Hear more – download Dr. Peebles Speaks June 9th 

Topics include:

  • How to come alive as the world gets moving once again
  • Why tragic, dark, difficult things happen
  • How and why to be happy NOW
  • What “vulnerability” really means
  • Getting back to living life through the eyes of a child (an amazing explanation of our birth into wonder, and retreat from it)
  • It’s time to be courageous in who you are
  • How the opportunities on this planet abound
  • Why it is a true privilege to be human
  • How we seek ourselves through others
  • Healing relationships (or manifesting a new one)
  • A meditation to be closer to loved ones, even if you don’t know them yet
  • How and why to keep your thoughts in alignment with your heart
  • Do you know more than others? Guess again!
  • What is true success?
  • and so much more! Get the mp3 HERE.

“Forevermore you will grow into greater and greater love.”  – Dr. James Martin Peebles

After you download Dr. Peebles Speaks June 9,

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