UFOs are now UAPs – Are They Real and Why Should it Matter to You?

Did you catch the recent 60 Minutes televised report on UFOs, which are now called UAPs?
It included an interview with the Navy Pilots (from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz) who saw and filmed the “Tic Tac” flying saucers in 2004.
Experts say these vehicles zip around like nothing else on earth, nothing we humans have designed.

Why are we waiting 17 years to get excited about this?
Or for that matter, waiting 74 years to confirm the truth of the 1947 UFO crash landing near Roswell, New Mexico? (“Weather balloon,” my foot!)

Why the constant cover up, when UFOs have been sighted all over the globe for decades now?

The US defense department has not been consistent in investigating UFOs, but in 2020 the Pentagon created a new task force to understand UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).
(Did they have to rename them in order to remove the stigma or something?)

US National Intelligence and other agencies are finally giving Congress more data on UAPs. (And perhaps on ETs – extraterrestrials.)

I think this matters, because we need the truth, and also because we need to appreciate ET technology which has been given to us.

For years this topic has been a simple curiosity for me, but I now feel that it’s important for us humans to acknowledge that we are not alone.
We need to relax and accept the idea that these ET beings not only exist, but are helping us in some ways.

I read interesting things in The Day After Roswell, the 1997 memoir of Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso.

In July 1947 Corso was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. He witnessed non-human ET bodies from the Roswell crash being transported to another base for investigation.
(His book includes interviews of the servicemen who arrived first on the scene of the crash and dealt with the live ETs and the wreckage.)

The US armed services explored and utilized what they could from that UFO.
One of the first benefits was the integrated circuit chip, which was put into the newfangled transistor radio, invented in 1954.

Corso served in Army Intelligence, and later worked for the CIA and the White House.

In 1961 Corso was put in charge of a file cabinet of the remaining scraps from the Roswell UFO wreckage. He was to investigate what could be reverse engineered and used to our advantage.
He sent these objects and scraps to various service departments, scientists, and companies such as Bell Labs.

According to Corso, materials from that UFO provided us with the following inventions.

integrated circuit chips
micro miniaturization of logic boards
night vision
fiber optics
super tenacity fibers, Kevlar
portable atomic generators
irradiation of food
electromagnetic propulsion systems
accelerated particle beams
Star Wars anti-missile energy weapons

Corso says the Cold War was not only about piling up weapons against the Soviets.
Both USA and Russia already had lots of experience with UFOs at that time.
Both were worried about an invasion from Aliens.
Both amassed all these weapons and built up the Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) in preparation to confront ETs and to disable their spacecraft and warheads.

So says this lifelong intelligence specialist.

Maybe we needed a few generations of time just to relax on this topic?

Maybe we can make contact peaceably, and soon?

Maybe. What do you think?


scifi UFO by Simone Holland of Pixabay

(Thanks to Simone Holland of Pixabay for this image.)

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