Love and Hear Yourself in this Now Moment for your Creative Adventure

Take a listen to the latest inspiration and encouragement from our friend Dr. Peebles, in this June 2nd mp3 from Summer Bacon.

This week Dr. Peebles covers topics such as:

  • Why Spirit cannot do our tough earthly work for us
  • How to feed yourself good positive energy
  • Without self-love and acceptance of self, Earth life will get more difficult
  • Society’s long-held dark secrets will soon be revealed
  • UFOs and ET technology will be announced in truth
  • The future of Earth clean-up, space stations, reforestation, free energy
  • How to keep your patience and stop engaging with negative responses
  • How to receive Divine help
  • A wonderful meditation to be Here and Now
  • Why some are born with physical challenges
  • How to feel difficult emotions and transcend them
  • The trend back to living life in integrity
  • Visualization to deal with a difficult person
  • How to bring in your better-feeling future with a guided meditation
  • and MUCH more!

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Peebles Speaks, June 2, 2021

Trust in your senses.
Trust in you.
Learn to come to the forefront with your love, with your positive attitude, positive thoughts.
Really strive to change those things that are trying to drag you down and to know that that’s not what God wants for you.

God doesn’t want for you to be dragged down,
doesn’t want for you to disappear,
doesn’t want for you to feel despondent and live in despair.
But instead to see those things as opportunities for growth.

Understand that you, by your choice, signed up for this planet Earth, God bless you indeed. And you chose to be here, to be upon this school called planet Earth, to learn and to grow.
And this is a particularly difficult time.

Some of you are just simply going to not want to do anything, and that is all right. That’s what you want. And that is all right.
That’s what we want for you to understand, is who you are and what you desire.

How you choose to proceed is up to you.

It’s time for understanding that this is a time period of taking responsibility for your life as a creative adventure.
That doesn’t mean taking responsibility for everybody else’s life.
It means taking responsibility for your life as a creative adventure.

Your life affects other people, yes, absolutely.

But you, first and foremost, look inside of your heart and look at those things that you can do that will make you feel that you are more in love with the world.
And especially, more than anything, more in love with yourself.

Primary to this journey upon this school called planet Earth, primary to anything that we would ever choose to see within each and every one of you, is to see that you are loving yourself most of all.

And we want to make this very clear:
Loving yourself doesn’t mean being self-centered or greedy or saying, I’m going to take the biggest piece of chocolate cake all the time.

Loving yourself is beyond all of that.
Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you get to have everything you want in terms of the biggest house and such. Or that you think you are worthy of having the fastest car and all this other stuff.
It’s not that at all.

Loving yourself means to love and honor and respect what your desires are in a given moment.

When you are coming from love, you can access only love.
When you are coming from compassion, you can access only compassion.
When you are coming from gentleness, you can access only gentleness.
Those are the things that you will bring to the surface.

When you are truly loving yourself, you will acknowledge who you are, right here and now.
And you’ll say, my goodness gracious, I am, for example, I am a little tired or I would like to go for a walk or I would like to simply have a bite to eat right now.

I would like to sit and feel more love from God and simply commune with God.
I want to listen to those feeling sensations, desires within me.

                        – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

… Continued on Dr. Peebles Speaks June 2

This material is always uplifting and inspiring, such a joy to listen to it.
Many thanks to  Summer Bacon for the wonderful work she does!

Trust yourself, more than anything.

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