Keep Love, Gratitude, Freedom in these Harsh Times, says Dr. Peebles

In his May 26th message Dr. Peebles answers fascinating questions sent by his listeners.

He encourages us to boost our gratitude and keep holding hands with each other.
Life on Earth will get tougher in the near future.
Hang in there and stay with your gratitude practice.

In the long view, things will improve for our whole planet.

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for her work with Dr. Peebles and for this powerful
May 26th mp3 recording.

Here is an excerpt:

You are beautiful creators, each and every one, my dear friends.
Love and respect and honor yourselves here today, my dear friends.
Your world is going into turmoil. It’s going to be very rocky for a little while here.
We want you to understand that the one thing that you can do during these times, where there will be a lot of contentious behavior, a lot of adversarial energy around the planet Earth, is to remember to be grateful for your life.

Yes, that’s what we said.
Be very grateful for your life as it is here and now.
Know that there are certain things that you can take charge of.
You, my dear friends.

Nobody can stop you from holding hands as you cross the street.
Nobody can stop you from dreaming dreams.
No one can stop you from loving your neighbor as you would like to be loved.
No one can change that part of yourself that is so true and honest and real and alive, as long as you are willing to keep it honest and real and alive. As long as you are willing to continually express that to the world.

Always remember this, my dear friends, be grateful for what you have here and now.
Be grateful for the life that you have here and now.
Be grateful for your family, your friends.
Be grateful for everything, my dear friends, more than ever before.
In this way you will keep your light shining brightly for the whole wide world, and it will truly make a difference.

Please strive not to fall into despair.
Please strive not to fall into the energy of anger.
Please strive to not fall into the energy of hate.
Please strive, my dear friends, to allow for the love that you are to be expressed in each and every moment of each and every day.

Be kind to one another. As our dear channel here said this morning, “It makes you look beautiful and alive.”
And don’t forget, my dear friends, to always laugh. Laughter is certainly the best medicine no matter what is occurring around you, God bless you indeed.

There are certainly going to be changes upon the planet Earth. There’s going to be an attempt to manipulate the planet Earth, all of humanity, to put everybody in the same box. But you’re not the type of person, none of you, to be boxed in. You don’t want this. You don’t want to lose your freedoms. And that is going to become the issue of the day, God bless you indeed, for many months to come.

But human beings are going to band together and say, “This is not acceptable. We want to be alive. We want to live our lives on our own free will.”

Human beings are going to come to realize themselves more than ever before, because you’re awakening to the truth of Who You Are.

You, being made of love, pure love, my dear friends, children of God. You, in charge as stewards of God’s love upon the Earth, the expressers of the very same.
You are a beautiful spirit. You are a student of the Divine, and we love you so very much, my dear friends.
                                     – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, May 26, 2021


In this May 26th Q&A session, juicy topics include:

  • Angels and Pleiadians – how are they connected?
  • Soul Contracts, Soul Families, and your Oversoul, explained
  • How to discover the source of bodily pain and heal it
  • Why we have trouble sleeping recently, and what to do for it
  • Is it possible to regrow teeth?
  • How to handle the frequencies of satellites and 5G
  • How everything is at the mercy of you (not the other way around)
  • The role of Archangel Melchizedek
  • Who is Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light?
  • A special new group-healing practice of Love
  • Does the “shedding” of vaccines harm the unvaccinated?
  • The resurrection of better weather systems
  • How you are an incredible creator 
  • And much more …

Be sure to download this awesome mp3 of May 26th.

It’s all about relationships. Relationship with yourself first and then expanding out from there to others. So don’t forget, my dear friends, to love yourself, to look inside of you and be grateful for who you are, no matter what.
When you look in the mirror, when you think a thought, remember to make certain that it is as loving as you can possibly make it, and discard the rest.
Because it’s unnecessary to live even one moment without feeling love for yourself, God bless you indeed.
                                                          – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, May 26, 2021

Check out Summer Bacon and all the wonderful material she offers (some of which is FREE).
Thank you, Summer!


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