Pull Your Face Out of the Crazy Nasty Ant Pile

Gaining control of our attention is huge.
It is your choice where to place your attention in any given moment.
When you are caught up in chaos you may think you have no choice.
But in that chaos, you have shoved your face into an ant pile.

If you could pull back, gain some distance, and be the Observer, you’d be out of the ant pile.

The best way I know how to do this is to develop a meditation practice.
Meditation strengthens the Witness part of us, the Observer part of us.

Countless traditions tell us that our Witness, our Observer, simply watches everything with a tone of comfort and benevolence.
We don’t even have to try for comfort and benevolence. It simply arises.

All over the planet, in all traditions, throughout history, whether they call it centering prayer or Dharana yoga or meditation or don’t call it anything at all, the experience of people has been: when we let go of our agenda and breathe, and listen, we move into the underlying peace and comfort that supports all life.

You already experience this in the moment of relaxation right before you fall asleep.
You may not be conscious of it, but you do have access to this peace and comfort.

A meditation practice even for a few minutes a day will bring this into your awareness.
A meditation practice will build your inner Witness / Observer.
A meditation practice will give you control in directing your attention.

Little by little a meditation habit will make your life balanced and happy.

That peace – you don’t make it happen. Can’t force it.
It simply bubbles up when you let go of the world and pay attention to the breath.

The chatter in your head continues, but you watch for tiny gaps of quiet between thoughts.
They will become longer gaps.
Calm expands. (Keep ignoring the chatter – it doesn’t matter.)

Stay attentive and watch the calm.

Watch yourself become so easy and so content and so much your true self.
It feels so freaking good.

Understand that you can return to this place and be recharged at any time.
Even a bathroom break at work can be refreshing.
1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever.

Start your daily practice at just one minute a day, but every day.
Build the habit.

Allow your Witness to grow stronger.
Allow the field of peace and benevolence to fill you up and restore you.

This strengthens you, and brings you to your true self.
It’s like a homing device that brings you back to yourself and automatically strengthens your boundaries.
It puts you in charge of yourself.

You no longer wallow in disturbing energies.
Or when you do, you can step back from them.
Step back from the ant pile.

Connect to the field of Peace.
IT is always ready to connect with you.


How do you feel about meditation?
(For me, it is the biggest game-changer of my life.)

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