You Become a Strong Channel of Light Energy this Season Now, says Dr. Peebles

The longer I listen to Dr. Peebles, the more relaxed and encouraged I feel, and the more I know I am an eternal spirit with nothing to fear, ever.
(And so are you!)

I get excited about the vast changes that are upon us now, the birth of more love than ever upon this plane.
(No wonder we have birthing pains everywhere, but it will be worth it!)

Here is a small excerpt from Dr. Peebles’ powerful and passionate message on May 19th

There are seasons for your soul.
Everybody, each and every one of you, the seasons of the soul. Very much like your seasons upon the Earth – you have Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

You are in a process right now of transitioning into a period of time of Summer upon this school called planet Earth. Summer is very symbolic of a deep spiritual quest inside of yourself.

Understanding that there is life after death. Understanding that because of this knowledge, that means that there are spirits in heaven that can communicate with you and help you. Understanding that you have guardian angels, that you have guides you can work with, that you have abilities as a channel to be able to communicate with spirits, and for spirits to communicate with you as well, God bless you indeed.

You become a channel of that light energy in your life.

You learn to create a new reality for yourself, wherein you feel more in charge of your life by releasing control over it, by allowing for yourself to surrender into the greater knowledge, the greater truths and awareness’s that are in the heavens that can be transmitted to you by, again, your guides, your guardian angels, family members and others who perhaps are on the other side, who can help you through this period of time.

This is a time period where there’s an acceleration of your abilities in this direction.
You will find that some people will not understand this and will not surrender to it.

And some people will be finding themselves saying, “Goodness gracious, I’m hearing voices, and I’m seeing things that I don’t think are there. I feel like I’m going crazy.”
And you, by hearing my words here today, can see you’re not going crazy.
You’re awakening.

This is the time period upon the planet Earth where human beings are going to be awakening in a very huge way.
Awakening to the fact that they are energy, that they are light beings, that they are indeed connected to the universe energetically at all given times, God bless you indeed.

This period of Summer upon this school called planet Earth is also going to be a hot one. We don’t necessarily mean that it is going to be hot physically, though it will be in some areas upon your Earth, quite hot, temperatures will be rising.
But that will also be because there will be emotions rising.

There will be some clashes again upon your Earth.
There will be more wars that occur. They will be temporary but will be very shocking to some human beings because that is not ever something human beings in a loving state ever want to see, is people hurting each other.

[But these struggles are to bring up important issues such as religious differences, political differences, scientific differences.]

                                     – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon on May 19, 2021

(He also addresses the energies of Winter coming to the Southern Hemisphere.)

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for this May 19 mp3, which explores:

  • How emotional energies work – and how to “flip those emotions”
  • How to convert fear to enthusiasm
  • Learn from the honest echo of life toward you
  • This is an important time of self-realization
  • Breaking old paradigms, and which ones
  • Important conflicts now in religion, politics, science, and more
  • Unavoidable change and growth is at hand
  • Science will reveal that we humans are all related, truly one family.
  • The power of group intention will manifest and produce results
  • Why many humans want to “go home” to Spirit
  • What does it mean that you are birthed from the heart of God?
  • many topics – download here and enjoy!

After you get the May 19 mp3,
Pick up one of Summer Bacon’s FREE teachings from Dr. Peebles and more – see the tab at the top of her home page.

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