What’s Your Favorite Lazy Food? Granny says Watch Out for Poisons

Granny (the mother of many awesome mothers) tells this story:

Long, long, ago and not so far away, in a place much like this one, people did things backwards.
The markets put the worst foods up front within easy reach, so everybody kept eating them.
They filled their grocery carts with poisonous edible substances.

Oh Granny, poisonous food isn’t edible. Give me a break.

This food was tasty. Everybody liked it.
And people didn’t get sick right away.
Usually, a gradual inflammation set in.
Immune systems broke down.
Poisons accumulated so slowly, people hardly noticed until they were middle-aged and felt awful.

Come on Granny, what’s the point of poisoning people? Why would anybody do that?

Well, I don’t know if it was intentional or accidental.
Food companies just wanted to make a buck, I think.
We had too much sugar, funny oils, fake sugars, and chemicals added to everything.
Food scientists ramped it all up and got people addicted to the taste.
Some chemicals gave food a longer shelf life.

Shelf life? What’s that?

It’s the length of time you can keep food on your shelf.
People would keep food in their pantries for months or even years.

Ha! No way! Why would anybody eat old food?

Way! That’s how it was back then. People stocked up and saved it.
You could buy cans of anything and everything.
The lining of the cans held a poison that sapped your energy. Messed up your hormones.
Everybody loved dry salty crunchy snacks, which would keep for a year or so.
People got exhausted, and the food they ate didn’t energize them.

Wait. Nobody ate fresh veggies, nobody planted gardens?

A few did, I guess.
All the way at the back of the store, you could find fresh veggies.
But, most of those were filled with pesticides.
Eventually we got a few organic veggies. Unfortunately, the organics had blemishes, which nobody liked.

Besides, people didn’t want to prepare veggies, not really. Too much washing and chopping.
Most folks were so busy and so tired, they relied on convenience foods.
Everything was pre-chopped, pre-cooked, and preserved.
Or fast food — burgers, pizza, deep fried chicken.

People rushed around, competed with each other.
Seemed like every darned thing was a competition.
Run, run, run – then drop with fatigue.

Like – Run, Zombies, Run?

Sure. They were entranced. Especially Pre-Pandemic, y’know.
Things are different now, thank Chlorophyll.

5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

You already know, you already heard how to eat healthy (from Mama, Grandma, all those wise women), but doing it is a whole new ballgame, right?
Here’s the thing.
Your taste buds will eventually shift into real enjoyment of veggies.

You simply have to stick with it awhile.
Your body is precious, your health priceless, your kitchen power-filled.

You will thrive and feel great with more sunshine-filled plants in you.
Plants are premium fuel.

  1. Stock up on fresh organic veggies, all your favorites (don’t go for fruit juices).
  2. Challenge yourself to find one FUN veggie-combo recipe every week.
  3. Fill at least half your plate (or more) with veggies. (Fruits preferably at breakfast time.)
  4. GET Fiber every day (bran, grains, beans, apples) to grow good microbiota in your guts.
  5. Shut your eyes in the cookie aisle and when driving past fast-food places.

Put Good Stuff in Your Mouth!

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(This post was improved since its earlier incarnation of 2016.)


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