Take Heart and Be At Peace with Your True Self, Says Dr. Peebles

In this week’s message from the 16th dimension, Dr. Peebles gives us a refreshing opening meditation to help the body feel better.
He also reminds us we are living in an amazing transformative time on Earth (“the toughest school in the universe”).
He gives us multiple suggestions on
how to unfold our personal transformation,
how to lighten up,
how to grow a brilliant and beloved life, for each of us, as the beautiful spirits that we are.

Again recall that your spirit directs everything in your body.
Remember, says Peebles, “your body is at the mercy of your spirit.”
What you hear on your media and what you hear from your politicians and what you hear from all sorts of authority figures in your world isn’t the end all, be all, my dear friends.
YOU are.
You are the beginning, the end of your life.
You are the everything of existence.
You are, my dear friends, eternal.
You have so many options and so many possibilities, if you can free yourself up from what you feel are society’s expectations of you.


Here is more of the May 5 mp3 Dr Peebles Speaks, with big thanks to Summer Bacon.

Let us find ourselves now. Look deep inside of who you are. Be at peace with that.
And this is that time period upon your planet Earth where human beings will be asked to make more peace with self.

Human beings are tired of living up to expectations, tired of living up to expectations of magazine pictures and other things.
Human beings want to live life. They will be coming together and saying, “You know something, I’m beautiful as I am.”
More and more this will become what you will see on your televisions. You will find that there are going to be more people showing themselves, physically, as they are.
You will find that the percentage of people who look like those within the magazines are almost nonexistent in many ways. Because so many have been altered through medical procedures, have been altered through alterations of your videos and photographs.

Human beings are going to say, you know something, we want to love and embrace all sizes, shapes, and colors. There’s going to be a greater love for each other, and greater appreciation, and a greater tolerance for each other, as you are.

It’s coming, yes it’s coming, it’s been coming for a while. And it sometimes comes with anger and comes with frustrations. It comes from saying, “You owe me this or that because I’ve been persecuted all these years.” There’s going to be that sort of thing, yes, upon the Earth. It’s been happening already.

But. You will find also, my dear friends, that human beings now are going to find that they really just simply want to wash their hands of the past. Stop pointing the finger at each other. Take a nice deep breath, relax, release, and surrender, and hit the reset button on life. And start a grand adventure of renewal, God bless you indeed.

You are a beautiful spirit. You are a student of the divine. And we love you so very much.
Realize, you can see and hear and feel spirit. And it’s a wonderful adventure. 
Know that there are the many rather than the few in the universe and on the Earth who are working in a positive direction. And always remember this, my dear friends: feel the faith, feel the trust, feel the hope. It is there, my dear friends and it’s going to be more pronounced than ever before.

Human beings are starting to come to the awareness that they are not willing to be controlled anymore and want sincerely to be free.
That is for all of the planet Earth.
                                                 – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, May 5, 2021


In this May 5 mp3, discover:

The new current of deeper awareness and a new reality
Why fatigue is not unusual right now, and what to do about it
Your psychic awakening
How to handle people and situations that hurt you
How to live up to who you really are
How to connect with Spirit
A new freedom for all of humanity
The magic of upcoming technology
A cool new practice using your posture as a vehicle of transformation
(I loved it!) 

For inspiring refreshment, get the May 5 mp3 Dr Peebles Speaks

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