Awesome Valuable Way to Use EMFs and more from Dr. Peebles

In this wonderful April 29 presentation of Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, we hear (once again) that the media feeds us distressing news and fearful stories for the purpose of controlling and manipulating us.
We can drink in “the news” or not.
We can focus upon natural beauty, the kindness of many, and the good in our lives.

Peebles reminds us to:
“Relax, release, surrender into your days …”

“Allow for yourself to gaze at the stars, sit in the sunshine, look at the birds, enjoy breathing, my dear friends, and rest if you can. Because it’s a time period upon the planet Earth where everything feels very accelerated, and it is.”

“Take the opportunity to be the great teacher that you are, and let others know that everything is going to be all right. Everything is going to have a happy ending no matter what, because you are beautiful spirits and you’re going to keep your light shining brightly upon the Earth.”

The Fascinating Topics of this April 29 mp3 download include:

Will leaders and politicians finally listen to the people?
How to handle depressing news from the media
Social and political changes coming soon
Geological changes on Earth in the near future
Do animals understand us?
Did Jesus feel pain like we do?
How to transmute pain
Do animals incarnate as humans, and vice versa?
How to interact with ETs directly
Do our angels and guides evolve and grow as we do?
Do EMFs help with interdimensional communication?
How to gain clarity in prayer for better results
Does God allow anyone/everyone into heaven?
Will there be consequences for our damaging actions?
How to turn anxiety into patience
Earth life in 2025
And much more!


I especially enjoyed the teaching on positive use of EMFs, below:

Question: How do electromagnetic fields affect dimensional reality? Is it easier for ETs and loved ones to contact us, based on certain conditions?

“Well yes it can, yes. It doesn’t necessarily make it easier.
The electromagnetic fields are certainly used for communication.

They are easily manipulated, and it’s one of the things that we use in order to be able to create clairaudient experiences for those who are in alignment with us. And to create holographic experiences of seeing your guides and perhaps family members and other spooks.
You will see them through this electromagnetic field.

It is something that is sort of the glue, energetically, of our dimension and yours, shall we say.
If you were to see dimensions as layers of the onion, you would see this electromagnetic energy as the layer in between that, that glues it together.

So, it is really sort of the veil between us, that is easily manipulated if we desire to do it, to help and assist you.
But it’s not something we do all the time, but yes, it certainly is (used).

That’s a very, very, wise question, actually, quite beautiful to hear that from somebody upon the Earth, to really understand that that is a big part of the way in which we do make and create communication between us, God bless you indeed.

It is also a way in which we can transmit healing energy as well.
And you do the very same, if you were to say, sit in a chair and point your palms away from you and imagine that you’re sending healing energy to somebody that you love who might be ill or what have you.

This is what you would be doing, is really manipulating the electromagnetic field around them. God bless you indeed.

Because you’re all interconnected.
It’s not as if – you don’t have to worry about distance – it’s an immediate sort of a response that happens there. If you do it with sincerity and you really are targeting and focusing upon what it is that you are doing, it is more successful, of course.

As with anything, if you’re taking a test and you’re not really in the mood, and you’re not really concentrating on the question, you’re not really going to get the right answer except by accident.

So you want to get really focused in order to make these things happen, purely, from the heart, yah? God bless you indeed.”

  • Dr. J.M. Peebles through Summer Bacon

Tune in for his next suggestions on how to sharpen your focus and effectiveness in using these methods. (Minute 28:15)

Check out the intriguing April 29 mp3 download today!


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