Is the Earth Happy, Excited for Your Care and Kindness? -Dr. Peebles

Happy Earth Day, Month, Year, Century, Millennium!
YES, our Earth is healing, says Dr. Peebles in this week’s message.

It’s time to truly let our heart lead us.

This April 21 mp3 from Summer Bacon is filled with beautiful hope and goodness.
Get your copy of it and enjoy!

Here is an excerpt near the beginning of this awesome Dr. Peebles teaching:

– understand the scope of hope is real, my friends, there’s nothing to be concerned about.
You’re going up, up, up and away.
It’s going to be lovely for everybody.

If you really understand that you can, by being still in your heart and allowing for your heart to teach your mind, then every day can be a rather exciting adventure.

Just take a nice deep breath, relax, release and surrender.
Heart, teach my mind today.
Heart, teach my mind.

Feel your heart, my dear friends, it’s so beautiful.
Every beat of your heart contributing to the rhythm of the universe.

Relax, release, surrender, and allow for your heart to teach your mind today.
Relax, release, surrender.
The rhythm of your heart is the rhythm of the universe, so very beautiful, you, students of the Divine.

Your planet Earth is moving forward.
She’s growing. She’s happy.
She’s absolutely thrilled and so deeply grateful to the many rather than the few for all that you are doing to help her. Every time that you do something to help clean her up, she is absolutely thrilled.

She’s excited about the planting of the trees around the world.
She’s excited about the cleaning up of the oceans.
She is so excited to see what human beings are doing in terms of living life in a much more sustainable way.
She is so excited, my friends, that you want to have clean skies.
She is so excited that she is being acknowledged and witnessed for her beauty and her wonder.

She is so excited, my dear friends, and she wants to thank each and every one of you for every little thing that you’ve ever done to help her. Whether it is saving a little bug so that somebody else can have a little bug meal at the end of the day.
You contribute in so many beautiful ways to helping these birdies, to helping the bees, to helping the flowers and the trees.

You, through your breath, are helping the planet Earth.
Remember that every time you breathe, you’re doing something.
So never feel that your life is worthless. Never feel that you have no purpose upon the planet Earth.
By waking up and breathing you are doing something for the world.

Now take those breaths and use them wisely.
As you breathe in, breathe in with love.
When you breathe out, exhale that to the world.

Be aware that it is your very breath that connects you to everybody and everything upon this school called Planet Earth.

                                     – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, 4-21-21


This wonderful April 21 mp3 includes fascinating topics such as:

Earth is beloved by many in the galaxies, and they help to heal Her now
We humans are not alone
Practical methods to connect heart to mind, and to see through your third eye
Help the earth with the very breath you breathe
Changes in the monetary system (global and local)
Communities – how people are coming together to change the world
New love for real books and libraries
Work from home to enjoy yourself and heal planet Earth
How we will prosper in our heart, our soul, our laughter
Follow your heart and find the surprising desires within you
Throw away outmoded social judgments and live your true desires
How getting in touch with your heart builds your intuition and psychic ability
Enjoy a delicious band-of-angels hug and be encapsulated in love
Build up your riches inside you and see miracles daily
Count your blessings in a lovely morning practice

Long-time fans call this “the most powerful session yet!”

Don’t miss the insights and sweet meditations of this April 21 mp3 – download it today.

And don’t miss his parting words:
“Look forward to the fun, because it’s on the horizon.”


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