How to Uplift your Journey and Trust Your Heart, says Dr. Peebles

In his next awesome message, Dr. Peebles tells us,

“We need you as much as you need us.”

Here’s a small slice of the terrific April 14th mp3 from Summer Bacon:

It’s a time for everybody to just sit still, to just trust.
To find something creative to do. Plant a plant. Pick a flower and give it to somebody.
Do something fun.

Create a reality that has joy within it.
Do it with intention.

Time for everybody just to stop trying to figure everything out and surrender into the given day.

If you can do that for one day, one hour, one minute, it will alter your journey through life. It will point you in a direction that heads straight to your heart. By choosing in a moment here, to allow for yourself to do and be what you want to do and be.

Perhaps you will simply say, “I just feel like I would like to have a piece of chewing gum, but I don’t know that I should have chewing gum.”
Why not just surrender to it? Give yourself that piece of chewing gum and enjoy it, to the hilt!
“This is so wonderful, the flavor, the feeling, the texture, the sensation of it. How I love it so very much, in this given moment here.”

Stop putting so many conditions on your life in every little action that you take. For every forkful of food that you put into your mouth.

Stop putting so much pretense on existence. And just listen to your heart.
Stop. Surrender. Be still.
What is it you really want in this given moment here?
And follow and trust your heart.

There is really truly no superior and no subordinate. Oftentimes in your world there is a belief in this sort of thing, within economics structuring, social standing, and professional standing as well. That there is somebody superior and somebody subordinate, and that is the way it’s supposed to be. But that’s an illusion. Those are human concepts.

You put somebody on a pedestal ’cause you choose to do so.
But if you can see, if you are for example, the clerk in the store, you are no different than the guy at the top of the corporation. You’re both necessary. The store would not be the store without either one of you.
Perhaps they make more money than you do. That’s all right. That’s their choice.  That’s what they do. And you choose what you choose. And you are no less a person because of that.

Your worth in life doesn’t come by the size of your house. It doesn’t come by how many years you worked in a corporation or a gold watch or whatever you receive at the end of that time tenure.

It is truly just a journey that you choose.
Embrace who you are. Be okay with that.
Love yourself.
Look in the mirror and know that you are enough as you are.
You are a beautiful spirit.
God bless you, indeed.

– Dr. James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon

Some of the topics in this wonderful April 14th mp3 include:

  • How hierarchy is bondage
  • How to break the paradigm of hierarchy
  • The fascinating story of Mack the truck driver and his enlightenment
  • How to handle a job interview with your own wisdom
  • How divine helpers assist us
  • A delicious meditation upon your heart, your connection to the universe
  • How to make your journey to your heart
  • A prayer for you. You are a Beautiful Spirit. You are Love.

Dr. Peebles never fails to refresh us!

Get the April 14th mp3 – you’ll love it.

heart-love knot Pxfuel

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