4 Ways to Calm Your Vagus Nerve and Your Stress

The vagus nerve is a hot topic because it reflects our level of stress, and stress degrades our health.
To take care of your vagus nerve, the bottom line is to reduce your stress and take care of yourself, your spirit.

An “impaired vagus nerve” (i.e., stressed parasympathetic system) brings chronic inflammation, anxiety, peptic ulcers, digestive diseases, diabetes, obesity, mood disorders, fainting, and more.

The vagus nerve is a remarkable network, extending down from the brain stem, branching out around the face (mouth, eyes, ears), the neck, down into the chest, the heart and lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, the stomach and throughout the intestines. It is a major player in the parasympathetic processes behind the scenes – digestion, metabolism, respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, immune system – all the supportive functions that keep us alive.

This multi-branched nerve is indeed awesome, but it’s not running the show – you are.

Master energy healer Donna Eden (at the Energy Medicine and Healing Summit Nov.2020) says that your vagus nerve reflects whether you feel safe or not.

It begins with the expression on your face, (innervated by the vagus).
When you are relaxed and smiling, you feel safe. Your face reveals whether you feel safe.

From there your sense of safety goes (down the vagus) into your relaxed neck, then to your steady heartbeat and your calm breathing, your easy function of all the organs in harmony, and your healthy balanced chakras.

Your vagus nerve affects everything in your body.
It also brings all the body’s information back upstream to your brain.
It brings messages from your heart to your head.
It brings your “gut feeling” signals from your belly to your brain.

Donna says, if we tend to pick up negative energies and need to isolate ourselves away from all that negativity, it means the vagus nerve has a “low tone.” We have chronic underlying stress, and we don’t feel safe.

And when your immune system is challenged (as it is under stress and/or auto-immune issues), your vagus nerve is also challenged. It’s hard to feel safe or to trust in your own safety.

When we go into “fight or flight” but we can’t do either one, we freeze. Freezing is the vasovagal response, where you shut down, faint, “play dead” (so to speak), until the danger or the predator goes away.

The key is to build a feeling of trust and safety, says Donna.
Create a good, stable, relaxed atmosphere inside of yourself, which makes a happy vagus and harmonious health.

Donna Eden offers many anti-stress methods, but for now, try these
4 Ways to Calm Your Vagus Nerve

  • Take some time to breathe into your nose and out through your mouth, with long slow exhales. This style of breathing plus long exhalations turn on your relaxation hormones.
  • Hold both the back of your neck and your heart. This aligns Governing Meridian and Central Meridian so their energy can flow better (around your body in the microcosmic orbit, up the spine and down the front of the body).
  • Hook up – Place your middle finger in your belly button and your other middle finger between your eyebrows at the third eye. At both places, push into the body and pull upward. This not only hooks up the energy flow at the back of your throat and gives a boost to the microcosmic orbit, but it also protects you from negativity around you.
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie – Triple Warmer Meridian governs the fight or flight response. It is situated next to the vagus nerve, and they work together in tandem. When you relax triple warmer, you also strengthen vagal tone.
    For Triple Warmer Smoothie place your fingertips horizontally over your eyelids, and inhale into your nose. As you exhale, gently pull your fingers to your temples. Inhale again and bring the fingers around the backs of your ears and down the posterior sides of your neck. Hang your fingertips on the backs of your shoulders (the large muscle between neck and shoulder). Take another deep breath in. As you exhale, pull forward over the shoulders like a massage, and let the hands rest upon your heart.
    This helps you shift from stress to calm.
  • Bonus tip – The first two steps mentioned above have been known to curb hunger and reduce overeating.

As Donna says, “When you feel safe, you can heal. You can heal. That’s the way you heal. You’ve got to feel safe.”

Donna Eden has always been one of my big heroes.
Have you tried her methods?
They work well for me.

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