Light, Love, Inspiration, and Truth from Dr. Peebles

Have you heard the latest from Dr. Peebles, on the April 7th mp3?
If you want refreshment, if you want to feel more light, love, inspiration and truth, it’s ready to download.

Here is an excerpt:

During this time period upon your planet earth, during this exciting period of time, how has your life changed for the better?
Some of you may need to dig very deep for this information.

How has your life changed for the better?
Even if you’ve lost your job, a business, a friend, family member.
How has your life changed for the better during this time?
Even in the smallest of ways?

What you are going to find, for many of you, is that it’s not going to look better in terms of things. You’re going to find that it’s better in terms of feelings about yourself. About the learnings that are happening inside of you, where you are engaging with yourself in a more honest way, where you’re living your life even more so, in integrity with yourself.

That you have a deeper knowing of self at this given time because that is what the world has been doing.
All of these changes, all of this control, all of this lack of freedom is forcing those of you who have not done it before to go inside of self and find your freedom there.
You’ve been forced to look inside of yourself and see what is of value there.
And you can’t turn to the world anymore to fix it. You can’t go have ice cream when you’re feeling sad. So you’ve got to go inside and face the sadness.
You’ve got to learn from it and not mask it.

There are so many ways in which this time period on the earth is a real grace upon your heart. Because you’re going to find that if all else should disappear, the world and all of existence around you should disappear in the physical, you would still remain with your heart.
You would still be around.
You would still have life.

You can’t take life away from anyone. You can get rid of a body but you can’t get rid of the spirit. It doesn’t work that way.
The body is temporary.
So you can’t really lose yourself.

In this time period you are really finding yourself, aren’t you?
Who you are, getting stronger in your spirit. that’s what we desire for you all.
Trusting in your intuition.
Trusting your gut.
Trusting your heart.
Trusting that inner knowing that comes from God, the little whispers of truth.         

                             – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, 4-7-21

On this April 7th mp3, I especially enjoyed Summer’s introduction, where she describes how we can communicate with a tree or an insect or anything at all.

As always Dr. Peebles provides insight, solace, and meditative healing for you.
Among many topics, he discusses:

  • How you create your reality from your inside out
  • Allow life to teach you
  • Four questions to ask your soul for greater understanding
  • How everything is moving our planet into the new dimension of love
  • What kinds of divine support literally surround us right now
  • Behind the scenes many are working to benefit all toward love and light
  • There is more goodness than adversity, more light than darkness
  • How to connect with your heart
  • Why you chose to be on earth now 
  • and more …

Treat yourself to this insightful April 7th mp3 – many thanks to Summer Bacon.

J.M. Peebles younger 1872

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    Thanks Diane, I enjoyed your message and yes I will check Dr. Peebles out soon. Sending love, Niki

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