Enjoy and Embrace the fact that You Are Everything, says Dr. Peebles

It’s time to move “beyond the confines of the earth, the body, and the mind,” as Dr. Peebles says.

Take a listen to his inspiring mp3 of March 31st.
Parts of it charmed me; other parts blew my mind; all of it inspired me.

Here is an excerpt of this week’s message from Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon.

You’re not just one thing or another thing.
You’re not just this or that.
You’re everything that you see, hear, taste, touch, feel, and smell.

Embrace it, enjoy it, learn from it.

It’s a time to learn from the other perspectives upon his school called Planet Earth.
It is going to be a time period of great clashing of wills, as has already begun. It’s going to continue. It’s going to be even more accelerated, but eventually human beings will come to the awareness that it is not necessary to constantly clash, but rather to learn from one another.

It’s not about trying to get others to believe what you believe, but rather to listen to them and to learn from them. And to allow for them to listen and learn from you.

Not to bash each other, not to try to force everybody to have the same dinner tonight, but rather to enjoy the celebration of the smorgasbord of life.
Enjoying each and every one upon this school called Planet Earth.  

Enjoying the awareness that you have within yourself, especially.
Learning from you, looking deeper inside of your own heart and embracing what is there.
Enjoy it, embrace it, see the opportunities that are there, in terms of everything that you are.

Have you really taken the opportunity to enjoy, to stop and smell the roses, for example?
That’s not just an expression, it’s a truth, my dear friends.

Have you really stopped to enjoy the sense of smell that you have?
Have you really stopped to enjoy the sense of taste?
Have you really stopped to enjoy the senses that you have of  touch? 

Have you ever stopped to enjoy the sense that you have of really reaching out into eternity? Listening to God?
Loving and releasing the love from yourself towards God as well?

Seeing that life is a dance, you need the perspectives, you need the contrast in order for the dance to happen.  You need someone who is there to lead the way and to sometimes be the one who is following as well, God bless you indeed.

Just simply because it makes the dance a lot more fun when you’re not battling your will against one another. You’re allowing for each other to be who they are, dancing together and enjoying the natural rhythms of life.

Realize this, and you won’t be so scared about what’s coming up, what’s next, what’s going to happen in the world.

                                    — Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

On this juicy mp3 of March 31st, Dr. Peebles answers 25 questions from his listeners, including (paraphrased here) –

  • How and why do pets get cancer?
  • What is the future of meat eating?
  • Do terrorized children and other victims suffer lasting effects, after they transition?
  • Is the U.S. government going bankrupt?
  • What is the future security of the voting system in the U.S.?
  • Will good defeat evil, and if so, when?
  • Why do animals have a short life?
  • Say more about the many gods in the universe?
  • What is the safety of the current vaccines and/or how to receive them safely?
  • When will this Covid virus be eliminated from the earth?
  • Will CRISPR genetic technology  be effective for diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc?
  • What is the experience after death, especially if a person has harmed others?
  • Please update us on the strong energy that came in on February 17th?
  • How can we handle physical symptoms that arise from the new energies?
  • How does life on other planets differ from our experience on earth?
  • How can we see a past life? (Whereupon Dr. Peebles gives a cool guided meditation to discover a past life.)

To enjoy these insights and more, get the mp3 of March 31st

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