How to be Free of Fear and Panic, Rest Your Beautiful Weary Mind

“It’s time to remember who you are – a spirit in a body with access to whatever you need.” – Dr. James Martin Peebles.

In this week’s message (mp3 of March 24) find out:

  • What your soul is really telling you
  • Should you engage with world pain?
  • What to do when turbulence, violence and earthly stress increases
  • Dark difficult things will be exposed on the planet
  • How to be free of worry
  • How to create prosperity within yourself
  • The big effects of micro movements, how they revitalize you
  • How to take a chance for your heart’s desire
  • What to do with the energy in your hands
  • A simple sacred way to instantly connect with all of humanity and with the Divine
  • Extraordinary meditations, guided by the soothing voice of Dr. Peebles

Dr. Peebles shares the most important thing you can do for yourself in these next six weeks:

It is a time upon this planet Earth where everything is upside down, inside out. There’s so much conflict, so much pain, so much sorrow, so much fear, and at the very same time a lot of joy, a lot of happiness, a lot of light, love, inspiration, and truth.

You are moving into a grand and glorious new understanding upon the planet Earth.
You’re going to find that more and more, because so many things are going to be exposed upon the Earth. Things that are not necessarily easy to see or to discover, or to know about, but are going to be exposed to the world.

Now you have a chance to really look at your world, your planet, your human nature and start to resolve some of these issues between each other. And to, as well, educate others about love, light, inspiration, and truth, and to bring more and more of that to the surface as you are moving into the fifth dimension of understanding of love.

Your planet Earth is in a great process right now, and not an easy one.

Right now, what we would like for you to focus upon for at least the next week or so, and if not the next six weeks to a degree, is simply take time to rest. It’s a time of rest right now. We don’t mean sleep. We don’t mean necessarily inactivity either.

What we mean is that it is a time to rest from trying to figure things out. Stop trying to think about how to fix things right now, and just relax, release, and surrender into your days.
Strive not to get caught up in the dialogue that is out there in terms of trying to figure things out, how to fix things, what to do about things, etc.

Right now it’s a tilling of the soil. When you’re tilling the soil it’s best not to really think too hard about what you’re doing, but rather just to till it. To make it so that it is nice and soft and pliable, to bring all the little worms to the surface, all little critters there, to make the soil as prepared and ready for the planting as possible.

Because this is the time period upon the Earth where you’re going to find, soon, new ideas will be coming into the picture. People will be planting seeds of great hope, of great wonder, of great joy, of great prosperity, of great unification, a coming-together of humanity rather than the incredible discordance that has been happening upon the planet.

It is going to be a great time where human beings are going to want to feel their lives again, to feel the motion and rhythm of existence once again. Whereas it has felt for so many to be very stagnant.

There are those who are working diligently upon bringing to the world beauty, and great beautiful instruments for human beings to have contact once again in a wonderful way that will be very inspiring and enlightening.

So right now it is best not to think too much about life, not to worry about life, not to fear what is happening, but to simply allow for it to all come to the surface. Allow for the tilling of the soil. Allow for the things that are happening in your world that you don’t want to see, to happen, because that’s what’s going to happen anyway.


You are the hope and the comfort for the world.

Find out how, on this remarkable mp3 from Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon


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