How to Lighten Up Now with Your Powerful Heart Energy

The biggest hurdle is to remember to focus upon our heart.
We are so accustomed to staying in our heads, staying on automatic pilot.
How will I remember to remember?
Naturally I had to draw a heart where I would see it all through the day.

Your heart has better vision than any other part of you.
Your heart sees you and your life with great clarity.

Why don’t we let the heart run the show?
It’s only our logical left-brain habit that blocks us.

I find that my heart does lead me toward good lively choices.
But it constantly takes a back seat to my head, who has been in the driver’s seat for decades.
It’s an old habit, that’s all.

Our heart always leads us toward what we are seeking (whether we know the next steps or not).
When we listen to our heart, the path begins to open.
Then we can engage our skills, mind, and muscle to manifest our heart’s desire.

Everything starts on the inside, before it goes external.

Place your focus down into the center of your chest.
Tune into your heart.
What do you find there?
Hello, Heart – how do you feel, this moment?
Whatever comes up, allow it and breathe into it.
Stay with it. Let it unfold.

If there’s grief in your heart,
allow the energy of grief to flow, to eventually release.

Beyond the sadness, remember.
Your heart energy radiates six feet out (to miles out) in every direction.
Your heart is powerful.
Your heart is the key in these tough years.

This world is vibration, from the deep ditch of hopelessness to breezy contentment.
Fear sits low on the scale and blocks our view of better feelings.
Fear makes us think fear is truth. But it is not. It’s just another view.

We each operate our own elevator up and down through these vibrations.

Our Attention is our most powerful tool.
Place your attention on a better-feeling thought. Anything you like.
What do you like?
Bring it to mind.

Where are the good sweet places in your life?
Focus upon these.
(Can’t find them? Look at the fact that you can breathe or walk or read or see the sky.)

Close your eyes, take a deep breath down your spine and say,
“I open myself up to receive light, love, inspiration, and truth.” (- Dr. Peebles)
Relax into that.
Let it work on you.

Imagine breathing straight into the front your chest, straight into your heart.
Feel the sensation arising there, in your heart.
Ponder something you feel grateful for – a place, a pet, friend, situation, sunny day.
Breathe into that.
Let your chest expand.
Ponder something you love.
Dwell upon that love.
Keep inhaling light and love straight into your heart.

After you fill yourself up, then overflow –
send this light and love out to humankind, and to all the Earth.

This is not an escape.
This brings circulation and light all the way to the extremities of pain on our planet.

We’ve been in the soup for years.
We’re not nearly done.
That’s why we need you.
We need not only your actions and your prayers, but your tone, in your heart.

Focus upon your heart.
Listen to your heart.
Follow the nudges of your heart.

What is your heart telling you?
How does that play out in your life?
I would love to hear it, if you’ll comment below.

(Some of this post appeared in 2017 – who knew things would get tougher in 20-21?)

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