Feel Your Feelings to Transform Yourself and the Earth

What’s up next for our planet and our people, worldwide?
Find out in the March 18 message from Dr. James Martin Peebles – Dr.Peebles Speaks.
Here is a taste from this wonderful 52-minute mp3 from the remarkable Summer Bacon.

It feels wonderful, yes, to be in meditation, to feel the state of Nirvana, to feel the exhilaration of love within self.
But the important part of your journey here upon the Earth and part of being a student of the divine is to bring that to the surface, to give it to the world, to celebrate it, to offer it in a variety of ways.

That is another part of love, the journey and laboring in love upon the Earth.
There are as well other ways in which you find love.
You look inside of yourself and you say, “Well here is something that I am feeling today, and I don’t particularly like the way that I am feeling.”
By acknowledging that, you’re actually loving yourself.
You’re saying, “I’m acknowledging the very fact that I don’t feel very good today. I’m a little cranky.” Or whatever it might be.

You’re acknowledging self, and this is love in itself, and that gives you a chance for the healing that will be provided as result of the acknowledgment of your truth.

Rather than trying to bring something to the surface that is not real, rather than trying to say, “Well I’m going to just pretend today that I feel all right, that I feel great, and I’m going to go forth in my life without any complaints, even though inside of myself I feel like I’m caving in.”
My dear friends, that’s not very loving to yourself, to try to put yourself in the world in a form that you really are not inside of yourself.

Instead, you sit with yourself and realize that you have feelings inside of you that you may not like. You may not like the fact that you feel cranky, or you feel emotional, or you feel sad, or you feel upset about something, you feel hurt.
But acknowledge these things inside of yourself and sit with it.
And say, “You know something, I’m acknowledging this within me today, and I look forward to the opportunities for healing this within me today.”

You may find that your life begins to change and transform. The day goes in a direction you did not expect. But we say that it’s going to go in a direction that’s going to feel wonderful for you, because you’re going to find the answers start flowing to you.

You’re going to find that, for example, if you are feeling hurt by a friend, you might be actually quite surprised when they pick up the telephone and say, “You know something, I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it, and now I feel I’m very aware of why I hurt you so terribly in that moment.” They will reach out to you. And you will feel the love there. You will feel the respect and the honoring of who you are as a person and such. And that will begin to heal inside of you.

You might yourself feel anger or what have you.
You acknowledge it and say, “I’m feeling this terrible anger. I don’t even know why, and I’m not even certain who it’s directed at.”
You sit with that, and you sit with it, and you sit with it.
And suddenly you find that your day starts to unfold in a way that shows you what the anger is about. You suddenly remember something that happened where you felt that you did not honor yourself. So really the one that you’re angry with is you.

Or perhaps you find that you remember something that happened whilst you were driving a car, and it triggered something within you, a memory or the way someone looked at you, and you didn’t realize it at first, but on a subconscious level it took hold, took charge of your spirit.
You allow for it to come in, and you feel the anger, and suddenly that memory comes back to you.
And you say, “Ah, that’s what I’m feeling the anger about. Well, let’s resolve that and love it away.” So, you start to heal that place of anger inside of yourself.

So you see acknowledging yourself and your feelings and your emotions, which are extremely powerful – they’re there to show you things about yourself – acknowledging this is really actually letting yourself be loved by you.
Allowing for yourself to be seen and heard and felt by you, God bless you indeed.

There’s a lot happening upon your Earth. There’s a big, big, shaking up happening right now upon this school called Planet Earth.
Imagine, for example, you start to shake a tree that’s next to a house and perhaps you find that all sorts of creatures fall out of the tree. Could be potential robbers that were going to go into the house. Perhaps there are people who were going to burn the house down. Perhaps there are others who are doing things that are not very kind. And they fall out of the tree, and suddenly they’re exposed, and you see what’s really there. They were masking themselves, pretending to be this beautiful tree outside of your house, hiding in it, and hiding who they really were.

Well, as we’ve shared before, there are going to be some people upon the Earth who are going to be brought to the surface. They’re going to be seen and heard for who they really are.

It’s going to be an exciting time for the planet Earth because it’s going to be transformational.
Not because these people are [so-called] “terrible people that are going to be exposed, and thank goodness, they will get rid of them,” but because human beings are going to wake up. They’re going to start to see the truth of what’s been happening.

There’s been a lot of hiding on behalf of many human beings upon the Earth.
So, it’s not only those who are hidden in the tree next to the house, but it is those who see and think perhaps there might be somebody in that tree, but they’re not acknowledging that because they don’t want to see it.
They don’t want to see the sadness. They don’t want to see the pain. They don’t want to see the things in life that aren’t very pretty.

But sometimes in order to heal, you’ve got to look at those things so that you can heal them. Just as a doctor needs to be able to look at tumor in order to take it out of a body. It’s not a pretty process but it does have its merit, because it is a beautiful time where you are helping and assisting somebody to feel better. God bless you indeed.

So there is a period of time on your Earth where it’s going to be “the wheat from the chaff,” so to speak. And it’s going to be happening slowly. It’ll be very slow and gradual, but over time it’s going to get more and more intense.
This is what is occurring in certain ways upon your Earth, where there’s a lot of finger pointing. There’s a lot of blaming, a lot of shaming, a lot of things happening on a massive scale where people are saying, “I don’t like that person, I think they’re being mean to me, and I don’t like the way they talk about me, and they’re a racist or this or that.

Well, all of these things needed to come out. They’ve needed to come out for a very long time.
Human beings have been hiding themselves and their true feelings away for a very long time.

This goes back to the tippy-top of our conversation here today, which is the fact that you are being asked to look at yourself.
Look at your emotions. Who are you? That’s what you’re being asked to look at. How do you feel about certain things? Trust in the way that you feel because that is what’s important to you.
It is not about you trying to adjust yourself so that you so-called “feel” the way others do about something. It is not necessary for you to feel the same way as somebody else does about anything.

We want you to feel you. We want you to feel yourself, to understand your own heart, to understand yourself without comparing yourself to others, but see your own uniqueness shine brightly.
When you do this, when you really delve into who you are, you’re just simply going to bump into and find and touch the face of God right there, my dear friends. We can assure you of this.
This is for everyone upon the planet Earth. It is not just for a select few.

You’re going to find that all of it does fit harmoniously.
There is a need and necessity for this sort of exploration on the Earth. There is a need and necessity for all of the differing perspectives upon the planet Earth.
There is a need and necessity for this because that is how the planet is going to change and to grow.
Things need to be exposed, need to come to the surface to be cleaned up.

So it is a time period on the planet Earth that is very, very, intense. It certainly is. It is that moment where the thorn is being plucked out of the side, and it really hurts. It might even bleed for a little while.
But eventually it will heal. Eventually the wound will close.

And everybody’s going to start to feel much better again, living a much more harmonious life.
But it’s got to happen inside of each and every one of you.

Because the shape of the future is within yourself.
You create your reality here, in this given moment.

(Sounds like it’s time to quit hiding ourselves, in every way. Time to love ourselves truly. And let that love encompass the world.)

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Many thanks to Summer Bacon and Dr. Peebles for this beautiful inspiration, easy to download here.

Trust and Remember that Your Truth Will Set You Free
Radical Awesome Love in the New 5D, Can You Dig It?

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