How to do a Sway Test to Access Your Wisdom, Your Truth

On this earthly roller coaster of human reactions, emotions, and confusions (public or private), it can be difficult to discern what is true for us.

But we do have an inner compass to guide us.
Not when we’re frantic, but when we are calm.

I’ll never forget one midnight years ago when our new-driver teenager was out extra late with the family car. (Before we had cell phones.) I lay in bed trying to relax but inventing horror stories.
Finally, I remembered that I could try to breathe deeply and meditate a little, because the horror stories weren’t doing me any good.
Somehow I chilled out a little, not a lot, but enough that I received an impression. Something like, “It’s okay, you will hear the garage door open in about 20 minutes.”
And so it was, thanks God.

That was one of many times Divine Help reminded me yet again that It is always here to support me.

Have you felt this support in your life?
How and when?

Help and guidance is always available for us.
At the very least, when facing a difficult decision, we say, “Let me sleep on it.”
We may awaken not only rested but feeling neutral, with the answer steady on the forefront of our mind.

The Sway Test, below, is a time-honored method used by many to discern truth right now whenever you wish.

If you have the time, it’s advantageous to meditate a bit first, let go and drift into a state of equanimity, a feeling of balance, where all is well.
Where you don’t feel conflicted or stressed.
You don’t feel urgent.
Patience descends upon you and saturates you.
This is the best state of mind to be in when you go looking for your truth.

Sway Test for Your Truth

  1. Drink some water because good hydration helps energies flow in the body.
  2. Take a big cleansing breath. Relax and go limp.
  3. Stand barefoot (or in socks) with your hands upon your heart, and your feet firmly together. (This narrow base makes it easier to sway.)
  4. Open to your personal guidance, whatever that is for you – Higher Self, Soul, Angels, Guides, Source, Creator. (If you are sensitive to the interference of negative energies, use your voice to say, “No mischief is allowed here.”)
  5. Say aloud, “I open myself up to receive light, love, inspiration, and truth.”
  6. Ask aloud, “Am I in balance? Am I getting accurate true answers for my highest good this moment? Please push me forward for yes or backward for no.”
  7. Take another cleansing breath, exhale, soften, go limp. Upon that exhale, you will tilt slightly forward on your toes or backward on your heels.
  8. If you drift back on your heels, the answer is “No, you’re not in balance.”
    You need to Reset yourself by placing one hand on your forehead (third eye) and one hand at the back of your head, the base of your skull. Relax and breathe a few moments. This will calm your mind and help you go blank and neutral.
    Return to step 6 and ask again if you are balanced and accurate. (You may possibly need to spend more time on the reset or drink more water to get balanced.)
  9. When you are in balance and accurate, ask any “yes or no” questions. You will gently sway forward or backward. (It’s possible to get a motionless response – try again later or interpret as you like.)
    Receive all the guidance you wish – on personal matters, public matters, any truth you want to explore.
    Keep breathing smoothly, naturally, staying in a place of relaxation and neutrality. Equanimity and balance.

The more often you use this, the easier it becomes.
You’ll do it in a minute or two:
Open to Light Love Truth
Am I in Balance?
Ask your question

Eventually you may naturally feel in your gut the truth or falseness of anything as it applies to you.

Keep in mind that your insight is unique to you.

It’s not our job to push our opinion on anybody else, but rather to use our own guidance system for our own life.
Each person has their own journey, their own learning.
Their truth may not be the same as mine, and that’s okay.

Please tell us your story about your guidance, if you like?
I’m eager to read your comments below.

Sending Love –

Trust and Remember that Your Truth Will Set You Free

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  1. I’ve used a version of the sway method for years, although more recently I’ve struggled feeling in balance and trusting answers. The “No mischief allowed” element and reset technique are extremely insightful and will be very helpful going forward. Thank you!!

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