Trust and Remember that Your Truth Will Set You Free

This week Dr. Peebles reminds us that our reality happens from the inside out.
It is vital to go into our heart, into our personal truth, to live a happier more balanced life.

He suggests using touch and all your senses more deeply to sharpen your mind and your life.
He mentions censorship and how we are manipulated.
He gives us the bigger picture of our evolution and the many dimensions we may experience.
Here on Earth, getting back to basics, we will soon enjoy each other and our communities more than ever, despite our differences.

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for this message from Dr. Peebles, from the mp3 of March 10, 2021 (click for more details and to get this inspiring presentation).

It’s going to be an exciting time on the Earth, because human beings are starting to realize that there must be more than what meets the eye.
And it is so true, my dear friends, there is a lot more than meets the eye.
It meets the heart first and then it can meet the eye.
It meets the heart first and then it can meet the ear.

That means that you go inside of yourself, and you listen, and you trust what you feel inside.
You trust your gut. It’s going to be important, more and more.

Because right now if you are looking to your internet and looking to your news stations and other things for answers about life and what is truth, etc., you’re going to find that you get an awful lot of mixed-up answers. You’re going to find that a lot of people out there are enjoying leading you astray.
A bit of, shall we say, Hansel and Gretel going to the witch’s house through a trail of bread crumbs that they feel they must follow. And they find themselves in a situation that is not very much fun.

That’s what happens on your internet. That’s what happens on your news stations.
And so it is going to be important to trust your heart when you hear something.

It’s all right to go ahead, do the research, listen to the news and other things. Talk to a neighbor and find out what their perspective is.

But trust your gut now more than ever.
If it doesn’t feel right, trust that.

Look inside of yourself and say, “Well, that does not feel right to me, so I’m going to trust (myself). I’m going to proceed accordingly.”

Because in this way you’ll find yourself lightening up.
You’ll find yourself not being disappointed so often.

You will say, “At least I understood that it was not absolute truth that I heard, that there was something else going on there. It was a manipulation of some sort.”

Suddenly you’ll find that you don’t get so tangled up in the messes of the world. You don’t get so tangled up in the lies and the untruths, which are, for some, their truths, and they decide to follow it.

But for you, you say, “Well, I didn’t get messed up by jumping in with both feet into that belief system or whatever it might be. I trusted my gut. I moved with that, and it came to a place where I feel more alive, I feel more aware, I feel freedom and flight of soul.”

You’ve got human beings who are really striving to control the world right now in a very tangible way. Striving to do it through the manipulation of words. Striving to do it through the manipulation of videos, all of which you cannot necessarily trust what you see, because the technologies are rather profound.

So, take heart and understand that some of the things you think you are seeing are not even happening because they are being manipulated by wonderful technicians who understand how to create fantastic videos that look quite real.

So what do you do now?
Dr. Peebles, what am I gonna do if I can’t trust anything external to me?

Once again the very point and purpose of our talk today is to trust yourself.
Trust your heart. Trust what you feel inside.
What is your truth? That is really all that matters because that’s where you’re gonna live from.

If you are, for example, afraid of something and you believe in it, and you will dwell upon it, then you’re going to find that that’s your reality. You’re creating your reality from the inside out. Choosing to be afraid. Choosing to be fearful.
“I’m afraid of death, Dr. Peebles, I can’t let it go. I’m just terribly, terribly afraid of death. That’s all I think about all day long, is death.”
If that’s the case, then you’re creating your reality.

How can you change that?
By choosing not to be afraid of death, and looking towards things that are beautiful about life, and knowing that life goes on.
Seeking to understand that there is an afterlife.

Seeking to understand it by how?
By listening to those who are dearly departed loved ones. Perhaps striving to listen to hear their words, asking for a sign, making that connection happen. We can’t do that for you.


He goes on to say that this is our learning: we need to build that contact with the spirit world.
It’s like learning to tie our shoes.
Put in the effort, and enjoy clearer closer connection.

Enjoy all the fascinating topics on this mp3 of March 10.


woman in Shamrocks by Comfreak at Pixabay 600 dpi(Thanks to Comfreak at Pixabay for this lovely image.)

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