Would You Love to be Heard? The Gift of True Listening

Have you ever been truly, fully, deeply received by a good listener?
Someone who takes you into their eyes, into their heart, and hears every nuance of you?

Ah, how refreshing and restorative it is, to be heard. There’s nothing like it.
I was blessed by this experience in my late 30s, when an amazing listener joined our extended family. What a true gift she was in our lives.

This week, among many other beautiful insights, Dr. Peebles shows us how to become a good listener in this part of the March 3 2021 mp3 from Summer Bacon:

All human beings want to be seen and heard and felt for who they are.
That means that your job, if you are willing to accept the assignment here, is in the next several months, if not the next several years, if not for the rest of your life, to truly strive to become the sort of person who is willing to listen.

Become a good, good listener to other people’s perspectives. Try not to analyze it. Really strive to take the analysis out of it.
Simply listen to what somebody is telling you.
Do it as an experiment. Hear their words.
You may not agree.

They may be sharing something in anger. They may be sharing something in pain. They may be sharing something trying to persuade you to believe their perspective.

Simply listen. Strive to detach a little bit from the need to change them.
And instead, again, listen to their words because what they are doing is, they are telling you about who they are.
That’s important to understand. Don’t take it so personally.
They are telling you about who they are.

You can listen to them and realize that you are learning about them.

Even if they’re talking about you. “I don’t like you,” they might say. 
You can say, “Well, thank you so very much for telling me who you are. I had no idea you didn’t like me and that is certainly your right.”

Guess what’s going to happen?
When you have that sort of ability to acknowledge the other perspectives, when you truly can say that from the heart, and realize it doesn’t matter whether they like you or not, you will find that suddenly they will say, “Well it’s not that I hate you or something. It’s just that there are certain things that bother me. But in truth I’d really like to get to know you better. I’d really like to be able to be together. I would like to be your friend. I would like to understand you.”

They might actually come out of their shell, my friends, and learn more about love. And learn more about you, in that process, and suddenly start to embrace the other perspectives as well.

Because you will have stood as a demonstration to others about what is possible for human beings to do in terms of good listening.
Truly listening to the other perspectives.
This is the sort of thing that is going to be happening more and more within your prison systems and such . . .   
(39:39 in the audio)

In this session, Dr. Peebles also speaks about his life on earth and what he learned.
He talks about the Covid vaccines and how to work with them for a good outcome.

He gives us an amazing deep meditation, beginning with resting in silence.
He brings in the understanding that you are literally light and love, far more expansive than you ever dreamed, able to do anything and access anything in the universe.
You are surrounded by friends and angels and guides who love you tremendously.

Treat yourself to this awesome experience, this audio meditation from March 3.

Sending deepest gratitude to Summer Bacon and Dr. Peebles for all of this.

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Thanks for this image by Thomas Wolter from Pixabay

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