Great New Scalp Blasting that Really Works to Grow More Hair

Fascia, that connective tissue under your skin and lining all internal structures and organs, is the new star of the fitness world. Fascia is an important key to muscle pain relief and tissue regeneration. Healthy fascia can even reduce baldness.

As mentioned in Good Care for Your Fascia, tight tissues can cramp your blood circulation and your health. Tight fascia causes areas of pain, adhesion, and restriction.
For some months, I’ve been using the Ashley Black fascia blasting tools to loosen up my problem areas.

Now we have evidence that you can improve your scalp fascia and eliminate bald spots.

Hundreds of people have restored hair growth by using FasciaBlaster tools (which are like claws to ‘comb’ the flesh).
Black received so many amazing hair re-growth photos, she decided to investigate.
She asked The Applied Science Performance Institute to do a 90-day study.
This is preliminary research, with more on the way.
A sampling of people used fascia blasting tools for 90 days to see the effect on hair growth. Their scalp was examined with a special instrument focused on the tiny hair follicles.

In that 90 days,
some new hair follicles were created, and
sometimes more hairs grew inside one follicle, and
sometimes the follicle became thicker (with a thicker hair).

Our hair follicles are completely surrounded by fascia, which contains blood vessels to bring in nutrients and hormones, which help your hair grow.
Plus, the lower half of the follicle itself is made of fascia.

Not only that, but the sebaceous gland of each follicle, which keeps the hair healthy, is fed only from the fascia field, through osmosis.

If your fascia is too tight, it can kink off the blood supply, nutrients, and hormones.
You can see why a healthy head of hair needs supple, flexible fascia.

FasciaBlaster tools increase blood flow to whatever area you’re working on.
Naturally this nurtures your hair follicles.

Further research is coming, but for now, people can (and do) regrow hair using this quick firm stroking method against the scalp (a.k.a. FasciaBlasting)

See Ashley’s post, FasciaBlasting Effects on Hair for an in-depth exploration and remarkable photos of bald areas re-growing plenty of hair!

On a side note, there is anecdotal evidence that Yucca extract juice, used as a shampoo, restores hair growth, and I’ve seen it work.
(No, I do not sell any thing, nor do I get a kickback.)

I simply got excited about all the data coming in.
People have literally regrown their hair within a few months by scratching the scalp with this little tool every day. (With longer or curly hair, it’s easier to put the tool into a baggie and rub it on the scalp.)

Many people are successfully using this method for post-Covid hair loss and thyroid related hair loss.

I think it’s freaking amazing, and I thought you’d want to know. 

Have you used this?
What do you think?

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Here’s the blasting tool for the scalp:

hair fascia anatomy

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