Radical Awesome Love in the New 5D, Can You Dig It?

Yes indeed, the Earth and humanity are gradually ascending into 5D Perspective, a harmonious point-of-view where it makes no sense to hate anybody anymore.
The only thing that does make sense in 5D is love and allowance for all things to be.
For all people to be.

Can you imagine how refreshing it will feel, to allow everyone to be themselves without hassles, without pushing our opinion on them?

This will become so clear to us that we’ll wonder why we ever fought over differing beliefs.

Wasn’t that silly of us, to demand that they should believe exactly what we believe? Or they should adopt our opinions?

Who wants a bland existence where everybody is the same?
Where’s the fun in that?

Doesn’t it feel better to enjoy an assortment of characters, and simply agree to disagree?
No need to agree, but only to allow.
Allow the whole circus of colorful contrast, and party on together.

As we shift into 5D, we have a little homework to do.
Like, now.

Let go of the urge to fight and push against things.
Let go of the idea that I’m right and everybody must get on board.
Let go of disrespecting those whom I don’t like.

(But that’s impossible, because I don’t like them!
Ah, Grasshopper, take a breath and listen . . .)

This week (Feb. 24) our amazing friend Dr. James Martin Peebles gave us a beautiful approach which I’ll summarize here, including some direct quotes.
(His presentation was so juicy, you may want to pick up an audio copy for yourself.)

In brief Peebles says:
Take a moment now.
“Relax, release, surrender.” Breathe.
“Release any need to control anything.”
“Love is steering your life” (whether you know it or not).

“Surrender into the greater love that you are.”

“How loving are you?”
Sure, you are tremendously loving.

But Now –
We want you to “love somebody that you don’t particularly like.”
Think of a person, a place, a thing, anything at all, that you do not like.
Something that is super-difficult for you to love.
“Don’t make it easy on yourself.”
“Push yourself a little.”

Stretch yourself to hold in mind something (or somebody) that you don’t like, and give it love.
“Simply love.”

Don’t think about its characteristics, qualities or behaviors. You are not endorsing it. You don’t have to agree with it.
You are only giving it love.

Feel into your resistance against loving that person, place, or thing.
“Dig deeper inside of yourself and find a Greater Love.”

“You are transforming yourself by loving. By digging deeper inside of yourself and learning how to love the unlovable, that which is unlovable to you, you are learning about yourself. You are bringing more of yourself to life. You are bringing more of your light to the surface.”

You are doing this for you.
You are “creating your life, your world, from the inside out.”

“Feel the freedom [of] loving someone that you think is not lovable.”
“Feel the freedom that comes with feeling love freely, without putting conditions on it. Without having to say, ‘you need to be and act and do and think and express yourself in this way for me to love you.’
I just love you.”

When you practice this, it becomes a way of life, and it brings you to your enlightenment.
Peebles says, in loving like this, you are “accessing the Christ within. That is truly the second coming of Christ.”

This practice “will create magic in your world.”
Your life will transform.
Every area of your life will feel better, the whole dance of life.

You will naturally fall in love with your own life. You’ll feel great love for ordinary things that you hardly noticed before.

In expanding your love, you will also enhance your communication with higher realms. You will gain stronger clarity and intuition.
You will gain 5D perception.

Yes, your life can and will feel magical to you.

(To challenge myself today I tried to give love to the most putrid smelliest thing I ever saw. Tomorrow I’ll try to give love to the largest cockroaches.
What yucky stuff or difficult people can we put on our list?
Let me know. 
I want to try all the hard ones, and see if my heart can relax upon them.)

In the above February 24th mp3 from Summer Bacon, Dr. Peebles also answers questions about the vaccine and the virus, politicians, karma, human trafficking, the evolution of DNA, race relations, suicide, Alzheimer’s and dementia, the power of prayer and much more. 
Check it out!

family humans heart rainbow Pixabay Gordon Johnson(Thanks to Gordon Johnson of Pixabay for this brilliant image.)

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