How Big was that Free Energy Surge for You? How is your Sleep?

My friends who are energy-sensitive empaths did feel the February 17th energy surge.
Some had ringing in the ears, electrical tingling in the body, feeling edgy, wired, restless sleep, extra energy, hyperactivity, or fatigue.
Others said their pets got quiet and stayed very close to them.
We had reports of hyperactive school kids that day.
A migraine headache all day disappeared immediately afterward.
Extra good energy and productiveness was reported.
One woman enjoyed good sleep without night sweats for the first time in two years.
Some felt foggy, light-headed or tranced at times.
Many were enveloped in a sense of peacefulness.

For me, it was a high-pitched humming in the ears, occasional floating feelings verging on slight dizziness, and deep peace.

Possibly most humans didn’t notice it much, except for a little fatigue. Hard to say. Everybody’s different.
How was it for you?

Yet some people do feel these energies strongly. Several thanked me for sharing the news because hearing about it ahead of time made their symptoms easier (as you can imagine, if you suddenly felt strange out of the blue).

It was more than full-moon energy.
I think it’s still reverberating for some days yet.

Interesting to note, Feb. 17th was the next-to-last day of several planets closely aligned in Aquarius – a.k.a. “Stellium in Aquarius.” Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Aquarius, and Astrologers expected an impact.

If you’re as old as I am, you might remember the excitement leading up to the Harmonic Convergence, August of 1987, a time when many planets aligned in a Grand Trine (triangle). The buzz was all about ushering in a time of deeper peacefulness.
In 1987 I had not yet picked up the meditation habit. I was a curious onlooker. I felt like this Harmonic Convergence came and went without a ripple in my life. (Much later I heard that we humans did come to an agreement of peace, possibly in the dream world, although we weren’t consciously aware of it.)

For most of us, these things are so subtle, who can say for sure?
However I can’t deny that within the past four decades, humanity generally has become more respectful of each other, less inclined to insult each other.
The notion of “political correctness” in our speech began to spread through our population in the 1980s, as I remember. (To me that term/idea is a way of respecting all peoples.)

In my view the world is always moving toward more peacefulness. Even when it’s subtle. Even when we’re doing it subconsciously, perhaps in our sleep

Which brings me back to Doctor Peebles. He always brings love and peacefulness.
This week he takes us into several refreshing meditations.
Here is part of his message from the February 17th audio.

(at 31:50 – -)

You are a beautiful spirit.
You know something my dear friends? You need rest.
You really do, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Rest is a very active time. When you are in a resting state, when you are asleep for example, you might be out of the body collecting and gathering information that you might need for your next day. Or you might be getting counseling from your guides. You may also, my dear friends, just be resting.
You might be leaving the body so you don’t have to feel the body for a while.

Just being and being and being, as you are, in the universe, the light that you are.

So, rest is essential. We want you to make certain that you get rest.
This can be without sleep.
It can mean simply saying, “I’m a little tired right now.” So, you listen to your heart that says you’re tired right now. There’s nothing wrong with it. You don’t have to push through it.

Instead, close your eyes, acknowledge it. “I’m a little tired right now. I’m just going to rest my eyes for a moment.” And you might feel as if two hours have passed when you open your eyes, but it will only have been a few seconds. You will feel revitalized by this, by acknowledging what is happening inside of you.

Hear what your soul is saying. “Hey, you’re a little tired right now. close your eyes for a moment, acknowledge it. Breathe, relax, release, surrender.”
And open your eyes feeling greatly refreshed, rather than barreling through, pushing yourselves so very hard, God bless you indeed.
So, my dear friends, as it is for everybody on the planet, rest is essential.

A bonus on this Feb. 17th MP3 is the gift of healing energy, a wave of love saturating the listener in the last two minutes.

Please let us know in the comments below, how you are doing this week?

Get the Feb 17th MP3 from Summer Bacon.


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  1. james panas says:

    Just a little feed back on the feb 17th energy surge, first Mahalo for bringing it to my attention. I did feel allot of energy running through my body when I went to bed,( kinds of a pulsing feeling) didn’t fall asleep right away. Just wanted to share. Mahalo and take care



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