Awful Day? Try this Easy Tapping Self Care, Feel Better

When I have a rough day – physically or emotionally – some quick Meridian Tapping always brings relief, balance, and helps me feel good again.

It can bring you out of pain, stress, anxiety, anger, upsets, obsessions, and more, within just a few minutes in some cases.
Have you used it?

We call it Meridian Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). It began in the 1990s and it’s gaining popularity all the time.

Find great how-to notes on it here How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

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Now you get to use EFT tapping with the top experts, in online videos, free!
This Summit brings powerful sessions straight to you, February 22 through March 3rd.

This is the 13th annual Tapping World Summit (2021).
Two million have attended previous summits, professionals in every field.

More people from all walks of life are learning this self-care method which is scientifically proven to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD, traumas, chronic pain, fears, addictions, and all kinds of limiting issues.

Tapping improves athletic performance. You’ll see Olympic athletes tapping.
It can help you lose weight, attain your goals, improve your relationships, attract abundance, gain inner balance and peace.

This event will open your mind to new levels of health and well-being in every way. Even if you are experienced with Tapping, these experts bring new understanding to multiple topics and approaches.

You owe it to your well-being to sign up for this free opportunity.

Each day from Monday February 22 through Wednesday March 3, two expert presentations will be held (each session available, free, for 24 hours).
Plus you’ll receive bonus events and Tapping Meditations.

Tap with the experts and enjoy your life more than you thought possible!

 Why Should I Care About Meridian Tapping? 


Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Tapping Summit 2021(Thanks to Nick Ortner and friends for this image.)

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