When Your Hidden Belief Punches You Out

There I was, in the Garden of the Gods (Colorado), happily hiking with my sister, when suddenly a thought form, a subconscious belief, threw me face-down, belly-flopped me on the trail.

Forty seconds before that, we’d met a cluster of young people who looked at their phone GPS to decide if they would continue.
I told them, “Yes, it’s only a couple more miles – you’re halfway there. We hiked it, and we’re over sixty.” (My proud inner voice said, “We’re amazing, young and strong.”)

Next, I slipped on fine gravel, sprayed my flesh on the rocks, and sprained my ankle.
The youngsters were only 50 feet behind us. Geez. I was so glad they didn’t run to help me up.

Pride goes before a fall?
More accurately, part of me did not buy the idea that I was amazing, young and strong.

In my world there are no accidents. I play an important role in whatever happens to me. The Universe loves me more than I know, and it would never punish me. Only I punish myself.

In the moment that I slipped and fell, maybe I was distracted, not attuned to the trail under my feet.
Yet there was an inner snag inside me, a judgement, a belief or thought-form that the over-60 crowd is weak and cannot be strong.
A dim and sneaky corner of my mind whispered, “I don’t know, Diane, older people are weak, they can’t be strong. The body deteriorates, and gosh you’re over 60, hope you don’t hurt yourself…”

Limping down the trail, I knew this was the truth of it.
I knew I had to align my mind, my beliefs.

Often we hold contradictory beliefs. (I feel young and strong/ but people my age are not that.)

Often we have swallowed a collective belief or thought form just because “everybody knows that.”
Do they?
Or did they swallow it too?
We don’t have to think what everybody thinks just because they think it.

We probably hold thousands of opinions that we have never examined, but they shape our reality. You get what you expect to see.

We each get to decide what is true for us.
We each get to choose our beliefs.
We each get to run our life, despite what everybody else is doing or thinking or believing.

It may sound wild, but thought forms do float through the air just like radio waves. We catch the thought-forms of others all the time. We easily mistake other people’s thought-forms for our own.
We need to get clarity and discernment to know what is mine and what is not mine.
What I choose and what I do not choose today.

Keep an eye on your own radio dial. If you find yourself feeling bad, slipping down the drain, then stop, breathe and ask: are these my feelings or someone else’s? Are these my thoughts or someone else’s?
I return them to the sender with awareness.

Especially be aware of group fears. What is everybody afraid of? What is everybody worried about right now?
Breathe, relax, and understand that you don’t have to buy it.
Otherwise fear will shape your days.
Don’t let that happen.

You are a divine being having a human experience.
It’s up to you what you will experience.

Has your hidden belief punched you out lately?
Do tell, in the comments below.

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(Here’s a photo of that hike in July.)
Garden of Gods hike July2020

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