Increase Your Good Energy with the amazing “Electric Body Electric Health”

Say what, your body is electric?
My friend and mentor Eileen Day McKusick, pioneer in biofield science and founder of Biofield Tuning, has written a new book: Electric Body, Electric Health, available January 26th 2021. (Pre-order  before the 26th to get exclusive access to complimentary bonuses.) 

We have an entire electrical system inside and around our body.
Natural electricity flows through the nervous system, the heartbeat, the brain waves, and even the bones.
Your bones are crystalline structures that create electricity when they are compressed. Jumping, walking, dancing, any compression adds electricity, which radiates more energy into the body.
Even our trillions of cell membranes transfer electrical charges to produce energy for us.
Streams of energy pour through our whole meridian system as well.

We are basically “electric organisms in an electrically connected universe,” says Eileen.
Everything and everybody has their own electromagnetic biofield, which is a toroidal structure.toroid of earth NounProject 96 dpi
Your toroid is like a bubble with a spiral down the middle.
Energy flows up and down your vertical core and throughout your biofield, 360 degrees around you.

Earth and all planets have this toroidal structure, as do the tiniest living things.

Pain, inflammation, or disease in our body indicates a place where electricity is blocked.
When we remove energy blockage, understand and release that resistance, then good health returns. (How does that work? See Biofield Tuning: the Next Great Thing for You)

Electric Body, Electric Health teaches you how to access sources of natural electricity and increase your voltage for better energy and health.

In the Energy Medicine and Healing Summit this past November, Eileen shared some great personal energy tips from her upcoming book:

  • Biting back our words and holding back our authentic self will diminish our energy and decrease our voltage.
  • Telling untruths lowers voltage and weakens our electromagnetic field.
  • A family history of depression can lower your voltage, but you can release that ancestral burden and free yourself.
  • Drama – getting over-excited and ramping up emotions will drain our energy.
    Managing emotions is important. You don’t want to bury them, resist them, or judge them. You want to allow emotions to flow through you.
  • Heavily refined foods are devoid of electrical juice. Refined sugar has no electrons to give you more life. Sugar is a “negative energy input into the body” says Eileen, because it must pull electrons out of your system in order digest.
    (Fresh organic vegetables bring in photons and electrical juice.)
  • Some people are a drag on us, pulling energy from us. (Usually, they are needy and don’t have self-management skills.) They are “electron stealers.”
    In dealing with them, be aware of this dynamic. Set boundaries with them.
  • Juicy people who are playful and light-hearted with good self-care practices are “electron donors” because they give us energy. Spending time with them restores and nurtures us.
  • Chanting, toning, humming, singing, are all good ways to increase your energy and raise your voltage.
  • Air is our main source of energy. We raise our voltage with the breath. Full relaxed breathing energizes us.
    The oxygen molecule has four free electrons. Those electrons flow through the bloodstream to all your cells.
    (Have you caught yourself holding your breath in a stressful moment? We tend to do that, and it chokes off the energy of oxygen.)
    Open your breathing, open your chest, and be energized.

As Eileen says, “Follow your ahs.”
If something sounds and feels good to you, follow it. As in, “Ah, yes, I’d like to do that.”

If it feels like “Ugh, I don’t want to do that,” then put it off awhile or delegate it.

Love is an energizer. Do what you love in the moment.
Do what you enjoy, as often as possible.

Upgrade your appreciation for all the good parts of your life.
Fall in love with your life.

Read Eileen’s Electric Body, Electric Health for many more new perspectives on your good health.
If you pre-order the book now (print or digital version) and check in here, you will also receive free bonuses.

“Eileen McKusick is a true pioneer in the field of energy medicine. With Electric Body, Electric Health, she has written the definitive primer on the electric nature of the human body, emotions and life itself. Empowering, easy-to-understand, and at times mind-blowing, this book will change the way you see yourself and the world.”       

~ Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™

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