10 Quick Prompts to Stabilize and Cheer You Up this Minute

Yes, the world is bonkers at the moment.
However – don’t panic.
Let go of all the stuff you cannot control.
(That stuff can drive you crazy. Drop it.)

It is now more important than ever to breathe and relax and
look at the parts of your life that you enjoy.

Your gratitude amplifies the good and paves the way for more.
Your gratitude nurtures not only yourself, but your whole world.

Our mood matters – to our household, our neighborhood, our town.
Your vibration (mood) does impact your community at large.

What are you feeding the field?
Are you dragging us down or uplifting us?

Step out of anxiety, fear, and all that stuff.
Things will get better, and you can help.

Lighten up, (don’t tighten up)!
Life is short.
There is much to enjoy right now!

(Such as – Are you able to use your hands and/or feet? Do you have shelter? Friends or pets? Can you connect with the natural world outdoors or indoors?)

You can count on it to cheer you up this minute, now.

Remember the twin birthday brothers who each received a sack of manure?
The first one saw the obvious and rejected that smelly sack.
The second one excitedly said, “There must be a horse around here somewhere!”

When you’re looking at the muck, use these phrases to shift your attention:

At least I can still__________________________________________________

Anyhow I have my _____________________________________________

It would be worse if ___________________________________________

I’m glad I didn’t __________________________________________________

I can count on _________________________________________

It’s cool that ____________________________________________________

I’m glad that ________________________________________________

I appreciate ___________________________________________

One real sweetness in my life is _______________________________________

I’m grateful for _______________________________________________

Reach for a better feeling, and it will pull you out of the ditch.
No matter what the ditch is.

When you are basking in good feelings, send the overflow out into the world.
Simply intend sharing the happy vibe, sending to all places in need or strife.
Send to all people in need or strife.
Send to our Mother Earth herself.
Thank you.

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Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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