How to Hum for Healing in 5 Easy Minutes, Delightful

I just learned conscious humming and I am astounded by it.
Who knew that five minutes of humming could provide so much bliss, spaciousness, health and happiness?
And you don’t need to be a “singer” – just make a sound – no strain, no self-criticism.

Sound Healing Pioneer and Master Jonathan Goldman with his wife Andi Goldman have written a gem of a book, The Humming Effect. (Through the decades he has produced eight books and dozens of sound healing CDs.)

In the book they reaffirm the basic tenets of sound healing:
* Every single thing in the universe vibrates and produces a frequency or sound, including all the parts of our body.
* When we are in Sound Health, every part of our body is vibrating and resonating in harmony with every other part, in a state of ease rather than disease.
* Sound is energy that can change the vibrational rate of objects, and it is possible to bring anything back into its natural frequency, tuning it back to health.

Sound affects humans in two ways.
One is through psychoacoustics, where sound goes into our brain and relaxes the nervous system, brings down the heart rate and respiration, lowers the blood pressure, calms the amygdala and the stress response (noted on brain MRI), and slows the brain waves into a deeper state of awareness. (Try humming before you try Xanax.)

The second way that sound affects us is through vibroacoustics, which means that sound enters our cells, our molecules, and it affects our DNA. Sound can rearrange molecular structure (scientists declared in 1988, in The New York Times).

Sound raises our nitric oxide levels.
Scientists declared Nitric oxide “molecule of the year” in 1992 because it helps our immune system, lungs, heart, blood flow, and blood pressure.
Soothing music, tuning forks, and humming all produce higher levels of nitric oxide.
Swedish scientists found that humming triggers more nitric oxide in the nasal cavity, which opens up the sinuses and boosts immunity. (This research was replicated by many.)
Sound researcher Dr John Beaulieu and his team discovered that cells in a petri dish release nitric oxide in response to sound vibration.

Goldman asserts that when you project your hum to specific parts of your body, you actually cause those areas to release nitric oxide and improve health. In his experience one projects a humming sound to an area and feels the area vibrate in resonance.

Benefits of Humming
– relaxes your whole body, your heart, your blood pressure
– aligns molecular structure and DNA
– releases oxytocin, the hormone of trust and comfort
– produces more endorphins which reduce pain
– releases melatonin which is an antiviral agent and a sleep enhancer
– increases nitric oxide, which has antiviral effects, especially in the nasal passages
– uplifts the harmonics of your Biofield, the energy system inside and around you

The data says that to fully affect your body and mind, you’ll want five minutes of slow-paced humming. (And wow, when I was awake at 4 a.m. with too much on my mind, 5 minutes of humming was a sweet strong remedy to sail back to sleep. It’s my new favorite thing.)

How to Hum for Healing

  • The process takes only 5 to 10 minutes, but choose a time and place where you will not be disturbed. Consider placing a special intention (toward relief or balance or spirituality, etc.)
  • Prepare to hum your own tone, whatever feels comfortable and resonates with you. Honor and nurture yourself with this sound. (No self-criticism.)
  • Begin with slow deep breaths. Exhale tension and stress. Check in with your body sensations for a moment.
  • Bring your total concentration to focus upon this 5-minute journey.
    Keep your spine straight and comfortable. Keep your lips closed and your nose clear. (A blocked nose cannot produce humming.)
  • Close your eyes, which slows down your brain waves.
  • Breathing deeply, begin to hum in comfort, no straining. Listen to your hum. Feel its resonance somewhere in your body.
  • Every out-breath is a long slow hum.
  • Hum for 5 minutes or 25 hums (or shorter time if needed).
    You may feel blissful.
  • After humming, stay in the silence, which brings beautiful expansive energy of its own. Feel the inherent power of that silence which “answers” the sound. Sit quietly for 5 minutes to enjoy this silent space.
  • Open your eyes, ground yourself, feel your feet. Reorient to your surroundings.

As you become familiar with humming, you might actively direct your hum vibration to soothe and heal particular areas of your body.

An advanced yogic practice called Bhramari Pranayama is humming while blocking your ears.
The sacred text of the Yoga Sutras declares that in the beginning was the humming of Prana (Chi). The name Om was given to this hum – the cosmic sound underlying everything.

Our meditation group got blissed-out with our 5-minute hum and silence.
Let us know how it goes for you!

For more tools and free downloads go to Goldman’s website,
(Check out his free 7-minute Chakra Tune-up.)

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