Easy Bliss, Peace and Love 10 min a day for You and Earth

Our cyber-space group meditation is a brilliant spot of bliss in my day.
We “gather” at noon to spend about 10 minutes relaxing and sending divine love and light to Earth and all of its beings, including special intentions and healing requests. (Tune In and Be Super, Bring in Cosmic Light and Love)

We always feel the sweet group energy.
We send the deepest gratitude to everyone who participates.

This simple practice also nurtures us on a deep level.
It feels so refreshing.
Some days, life gets in the way, and we can’t join in at noon with the others.
But when we can “be there,” it feels delicious.
And because it has become a deeper practice in our hearts, we feel the harmony even when meditating alone.

But are we alone?
No. We’re never alone.
People all over the planet are meditating for Earth and for humanity.

Does this sort of thing actually make a difference? Are we just playing mind games? I don’t think so.
Not only can you taste this vibration of love and light, you can absolutely spread it through the world.

All the world is vibration, and you contribute to it.
You’re an important player on the planet and within your own circle.
You have the choice every moment to manage your energies, your moods, to “feed the field” in positive or negative ways.

Research in the past 30 years has demonstrated the power of group meditation, prayer, and intention.
In 1993, when 2500 meditators focused upon Washington DC at specific times of the day, intending peace, a 25% drop in crime rate occurred during that month of meditation/prayer. These meditators influenced 1.5 million inhabitants.
In the 1980s a similar experiment (of 27 months) in the Israel-Lebanon war brought a 40% to 80% reduction of violence during group meditation/prayer. Larger numbers of meditators brought higher levels of peace (measured by intensity of conflicts, war-related injuries, and deaths).

See the free Global Coherence app by HeartMath, which shows in real time how many people around the globe, and how many groups around the planet, are meditating for peace and love every moment, 24/7. Use the free guided meditations and see your marker on the global map. (See their Heart Coherence method.)
(Browse the web for more global meditation groups.)

I feel encouraged, knowing that so many of us contribute a little time each day.

This age is chaotic and bewildering, but we are not powerless.
We can contribute in a real way, even for a few minutes a day.

This has become a treasured habit for me and my circle.
I would love to know if you’re joining in – drop me a line if you like.
Although we won’t text you or anything, we hold you in our hearts.

As mentioned above, group energy is strong.
We certainly feel it.
Let us know if you feel it too.


See a quick and easy meditation for peace and love on Earth.


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GCI app

(Thanks to HeartMath for offering the above free app.)

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