The Good in This Magic Moment – Drop the Struggle

It’s a conundrum, the practice of trying to stay in the Present (where all the gifts are), even though the persistent sneaky mind takes us to past regrets and future anxieties.

Habitual thoughts live below our radar.
We usually don’t notice them because they are the background pattern of our lives.
They’re invisible to us, but they drive our days.

So it was on a recent sleepy morning that I set forth into mild danger and subliminal worries . . .

In my car I feel fine, but I’m on an anxious errand. Plus I face 30 miles of heavy rains.
(Nobody in my city knows how to drive in the rain. Neither do I, though I pretend to.)

My leathery dry Arizona-desert windshield wipers scream: “scrudge-scrudge.”
In the first minute, the screeches start giving me a headache.

Thanks to a meditation habit, my inner observer sees hidden things, and it nudges me, What are you doing to yourself?

Oh, my scalp muscles are tightening because of this yucky noise.

Is it yucky?

It dawns on me that if I did not resist the noise, I would not squeeze my head.
(This realization pops up for the umpteenth time, as always. Why do I squeeze my head? Duh.)

In fact if I still had a toddler in my back seat, they would be singing along with the wipers, “scrudge-scrudge!” (Or “eek- eek!”)
(And don’t I remember how that would double my aggravation. But after a while it would seem soothing.)

The toddler simply sings along, because this is the next part of life right now.
Here it is, right here.

They accept everything just as it is.
They taste everything just as it is, sweet or sour.
No problem, everything is in right order.

We adults suffer from anxieties about the future.
We torment ourselves about the past.
The world is saturated with these difficult vibrations, especially now.

We know another way to handle it.

Engage this present moment, these few seconds here and now.
What’s going on right now?
The refreshing rain?
The lights shining on the pavement?
The innate contentment of a slow deep breath?

Why do I tighten my forehead against this scrudge?
Why do I say it’s yucky?
Why do I resist it?

It simply is here now.
It’s another lesson in how to drop resistance.
How to sing along with reality like a toddler does.
They do it all the time.
It’s an opportunity to sing, “eek- eek,” and waggle their head to the rhythm, swing their little shoes to the beat.

Tell us, how do you help yourself return to the present moment?

(Here’s a jingle I made up a few years ago to sing to myself like jazz:
Yes indeed, the effing time doesn’t matter, we just enjoy the steps. Yeah, man.)

rain wipers yield 96dpi(Now you’re wondering how I snapped this photo without crashing? It’s because my android takes pics when I say “cheese,” so it was easy to drive slowly and snap a bunch.)

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