Your Natural Electricity and How to Be Safe from EMFs

As mentioned in our Earthing post, cellular membranes produce hydroelectric energy (electricity), used for both communication and physical energy in your body.
Even your bones and fascia use and transmit electricity.

Brainwaves are electric. Your brain sends out electrical charges that jump from one synapse to another. These electric signals are speedy and instantaneous.

Electric impulses run from your natural pacemaker (SA node) through your heart, producing every single heartbeat.

Every organ in your body has its own electrical field. (In the 1940s and 50s at Yale, Professor Harold Sexton Burr found that the electrical field of an organ will show imbalances before disease begins in that organ.)

You would not be able to move or think or live without this natural low-voltage electricity running things in the background.
You are indeed an electrical being, producing and handling your own electricity.

However, stronger man-made electromagnetic and radio frequencies (EMFs) have multiplied on the planet, to our detriment.

EMF Harmful Effects
Unfortunately, much is unregulated in the world of EMF.
A lot of new technology has been created without any regard for safety.

Some people may be adapting to these stronger EMFs (somewhat, so far).

Other people are quite sensitive to EMFs, with symptoms such as:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • poor concentration and memory
  • burning skin, itching, prickly sensations
  • pain in joints or muscles
  • nausea and digestive disorders
  • hormonal disturbances
  • asthma or lung problems
  • sinuses and throat either swollen or dry
  • heart palpitations
  • insomnia
  • male infertility

Researchers have found definite links between EMF exposure and:
hormonal imbalances,
depressed immune system,
diabetes, and
heart disease.

Electric, magnetic, and radio frequencies are of course invisible, and most of them can go through walls.
Their intensity fades with distance.


EMF Protection
To accurately determine your personal safety level in your home, use an EMF meter and check the frequencies, especially around your bed (where you spend 33% of your time).

I did this simple investigation at my house.

Faraday cage to block EMFsI was amazed at the sky-high Radio Frequencies near the Wi-Fi.

A metal mesh Faraday Cage is a great solution for this.

After putting the Wi-Fi router into a Faraday Cage, the router EMF was indeed reduced by a whopping 90% (as promised). Yay.

I was blown away by the crazy high Radio Frequencies of the microwave.
I now step away 25+ feet from the microwave when it’s on.
(EMF experts prefer to get rid of the microwave altogether.)

I’m now more aware of my home’s hot-spots – like the Wi-Fi extensions and areas where lots of electrical devices are plugged in.
I’m not in a panic about the hot-spots, but I’m not going to sit next to them either.

Now that I measured EMF in every room and made adjustments, I feel safe, with minimal exposure.

(Hey, if you’re local, you can borrow my new EMF meter to check your Electric, Magnetic, and Radio frequencies. I’m not an engineer – I simply followed the instructions. My meter is shown below.)

EMF meter

Cell phone safety

  • Cell phones damage the blood-brain barrier when they are chronically placed against the ear.
  • Don’t put your cell phone against your head but rather use your earbuds or speakerphone.
  • Don’t talk for more than 2 hours a day on your cell phone
  • Don’t carry a live cell phone on your body all the time.
  • Put it on airplane mode unless you’re using it.
  • Don’t use your cell phone when the signal strength is low (it pulls EMF harder).
  • Don’t keep a live smart phone next to your head at night. Turn it off.

Bluetooth wireless carries EMF (so it’s not a great idea to wear one on your ear constantly).

Cordless phones and their chargers put out tons of EMFs – avoid them.

Chargers – phone chargers and computer chargers often have the highest electrical fields, so stay well away from them when they are charging.

Laptop computer – Do not hold your laptop in your lap or on your body.

Wi-Fi safety

  • Don’t sit near your Wi-Fi router – stay 6 to 20 feet away from it.
  • Put a Faraday Cage around your Wi-Fi router – to block 90% of EMFs.
  • To be super safe, you would turn off your Wi-Fi at night to give your body a break while you sleep.
  • Some people need to make their computer and every device wired instead of wireless, in order to feel healthy and comfortable.

Avoid living near cell phone towers or big nests of power lines.

Smart Meters – Many power companies have installed smart meters on the exterior wall of homes. Do not sleep against the same wall where your smart meter is installed. (Better yet, refuse the installation of a smart meter.)

5G Controversy
In 2015, 200 scientists from 41 different countries signed an appeal to the United Nations to stop 5G technology.
By January of 2019, 26,000 scientists had signed the petition opposing 5G, saying it was harmful for humans and for the environment.
Big business was never required to prove the safety of 5G. They ignored all of the above. 

Scientists tell us that 5G messes up the electrons on the oxygen molecule, making oxygen behave differently than ever before. (5G, which is 60 gigahertz, causes the oxygen molecule O2 to grab an extra oxygen atom and become O3, which is ozone.)

This process affects the structure of water (H2O) as well as the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen in the bloodstream. (Hemoglobin can latch onto O2 but not O3.)

5G /60 gigahertz is an unlicensed frequency. This means companies can freely use it without paying for it. It’s “free,” so it’s super popular with businesses.

It may be difficult to stop 5G right now, but if we care about our Earth, wildlife, and our own health, we can and will remove it.


Your EMF Safety

When we ground to the Earth, we dissipate EMF and excess electrical charges, bring in free electrons, and restore electrical balance to the body.
See my post about Earthing/grounding – How to Make Your Electric Body Strong.

Expert Lloyd Burrell at goes into detail about how to use shielding materials (like reflective paint) and how to truly remove EMF from your life.
If you are EMF-sensitive, see his super helpful website.

Finally I’d like to point out that fear of EMF can do damage all by itself.
So learn about it and make some changes for your safety.

What do you think, and how do you feel about EMFs?

More about handling cellphone dangers See What you can do to Protect your Energy

Safe EMF levels are considered to be
<  3.0 mG for standard magnetic field
< 50 V/m standard electric field
<  5.0 mG weighted magnetic field (sorry I don’t know weighted
<  50 V/m  weighted electric field
<  0.2 mW/m2 (or 1.0 peak) for Radio Frequency

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