Provoking, Poignant, and Hilarious eBook FREE this weekend

Here’s a cool eBook from our son, Levi Stallings.
Head Lines: Poems from the News is a rollicking, thought provoking and humorous look at the world as it is now, presented through clippings from news headlines.

Grab it free this weekend (Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2020)!  (Usually only $1.99!)
Click the button that says Buy now for $0.
BTW the Kindle app is free for your device.
(If by chance you feel called to write a quick review, please make it about the book itself, not about how you know Levi.)

Reviews say:
It’s taking a nonsensical world and reordering it to reflect back emotional truths. 

This book is poignant yet also hilarious, a fun time-capsule, and also gritty and gut-punching.

His humor and wit make a day bright.

an eye-opening dive not only into the headlines of contemporary world news; it’s an exploration into what we call “news” as a whole.

The book as a whole is inspiring, creative, sometimes dark, but most of all, it’s important!

It’s a curious reflection of our clickbait-saturated, insta-news culture, sometimes dark, often funny, always bizarre, just like the news-cycle.

resonates, gives you chills, and makes you laugh.

Head Lines cover

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