Easy Way to Escape the Madness, One Minute Meditation

This may be the easiest way ever invented to quiet the mind and take a breather.

Sit down;
press your hands on your legs and keep gentle pressure there;
breathe deeply into your belly for one good minute.

Observe how the mind calms down.

This is because you gave your mind a task, to keep your hands pressing on your legs (although any location will do).
The mind can do only one thing at a time, and it stays busy with that one task you gave it.

Breathe deeply now.
Allow peace to saturate you.

You might like to add the bonus of inhaling light/love and exhaling darkness.
(Exhale burdens, emotional garbage, worries and concerns.)

Blow off your stress.
Nurture yourself.
Feel your heart calm down.
Feel your tension melt away.
Feel refreshed!

Go a little longer and deeper if you wish.
Let us know how this feels for you?

Humor is another antidote to stress. See the previous post for a rollicking funny eBook (dark humor).

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