Enjoy Free Natural Simple Stress Healing with Your Hands

Try this free self-healing, a quick easy way to relax and nurture yourself despite the chaos.

As you know, rivers of light-energy-information, known as meridians, flow through us.(Meridian points are used in acupuncture and other modalities.)
Each meridian corresponds to an organ, and also relates to particular emotions.
Some meridian beginning and ending points are located in our fingers.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have used an easy way to balance emotions and improve health. Jin Shin Jyutsu is the long name for this simple self-healing method.

Wrap the fingers of one hand around your other thumb.
Relax and breathe deeply, gently for a couple minutes.

You may feel a pulsing when the energy comes into alignment.
By holding your thumb, you reduce worry and anxiety.
You also improve the health of your stomach and spleen.

Holding your index finger, you diminish fear.
Keep breathing and relaxing.
(See the image below, regarding each finger’s meridians / organs.)

The middle finger – you guessed it – expresses anger.
Soothe it away by holding that finger and breathing deeply.

The ring finger reflects sadness.
Cushion it in your hand and breathe.

The little finger is about trying too much, efforting too hard, possibly feeling unworthy or judgmental.
When you wrap your hand around this finger and breathe, you literally nurture your heart.

You can also press and hold the center of your palm, which increases calmness and harmony.

Generally this practice begins with the thumb and goes in order to the rest of the fingers, as we have done. Then treat the other hand.
(But it should work fine, in any order.)

You can also treat one finger in the moment.

When you’re feeling anxious, grab your thumb and breathe.

Co-worker aggravating you?
Don’t give them “the finger,” but grab your middle finger and hold it.
Breathe. Then hold your other middle finger, just for safety’s sake.

It’s not vital to spend a full 2 minutes on each finger.
Even a little will help, a few easy breaths.

When you have plenty of time, a session of 10 minutes can really boost your well-being.
You will feel mellow, with more energy.

Easy shmeesy, right?

Tell us, how did you feel with this quick self-treatment?

(Thanks to my friend, Robin Farina, for turning me onto this easy form of self-healing.)

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hand Jin Shin Jyutsu 96dpi

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