Why should I Care about my Powerful Thought Forms?

Your thoughts rule.
But you can rule your thoughts.

10 loose definitions of a thought form

  • a fundamental belief or opinion belonging to a person or a culture
  • an energy form composed of both thought and emotion
  • a vague or clearly-defined intention, belief, or feeling
  • mental imagery that fulfills a function (for an artist, novelist, anybody)
  • an obsession or fixation
  • magnetically attracts similar thought forms (tones, emotions)
  • arises spontaneously from a person’s thoughts/emotions all day
  • used intentionally or unconsciously by a person or a collective
  • runs your behavior when you are unaware
  • can and should be used proactively to enhance life
  • (and probably more descriptions too)

Let’s look at a few of these aspects here.

Surely, you’ve had a pain and noticed, the more you focus on it, the bigger it gets?
Maybe it’s a sore spot, a sprain, or a hang nail. You keep thinking about it.

Your thought-emotion, your focused attention, enlarges whatever it focuses upon.
Energy follows attention, and
Attention enlivens its object.

For instance: 10pm “my throat’s a little dry tonight” … 11pm “it feels scratchy” …  2am “oh no, it’s worse, something’s wrong!”
This “worry thought form” can bring on a sore throat.

Thoughts hooked to emotions become thought forms.
Thought forms are real and potent. They carry a punch.

Are they invisible?
Yes and no.
We tend to feel emotional vibes, not see them.
But some clairvoyants can see these thought-emotion forms in the air (in the aura).

More than a century ago, Annie Besant showed us pictures of personal thought forms (in Thought-Forms by Besant and Leadbeater).
Clairvoyants saw and drew these colorful shapes emitted by people in various states of mind and emotion.

The image that fascinates me the most is “sudden fright,” shown here as a spray of needles (shooting toward the right – and the secondary angry red crescents arose as the person got angry about the scare).
sudden fright 1901 drawing BesantThis image resonates with my felt experience.
For me, sudden fright occurs when a vehicle swerves into my lane and nearly hits me.
I feel a ton of needles zapping out from my face, torso, and arms.

Does this needle-sensation happen to you, in a scare?
I would be so curious to hear from you.

According to Besant and Leadbeater, we constantly emit these astral cloud puffs of emotional thought forms.

Meanwhile, other people’s thought forms drift into our field and affect us.
We attract more of them when we dwell on a particular emotion.
That’s the misery-loves-company experience. Misery attracts more misery.

Some sources say that up to 98% of our feelings do not belong to us, but waft in from others, or from the collective.

Collective attitudes/beliefs/emotions impact us tremendously, if we let them.
I feel these collective thought forms.
Do you?

I caught the virus early, when our regional panic first exploded.
That wave of fright flooded the land.
When I read detailed medical accounts from NYC, my fear intensified.
I felt scared for friends and family. (Thought I would be fine.)

But I fully felt the big scare, and my eyes heated up in an odd way.
A fever arose the next day.

As my ‘rona journey rolled on, my sense of fear ran high, amplified by the world.
But I could release fear, meditate it away, or tap it down using Energy Psychology (EFT meridian tapping).
I would go to bed feeling fine and stable.
Then at 2 a.m. the collective distress would hit me.
My fear surged again, hijacked by the collective terror.

We’ve all been affected by global fear, I think.

Stirring up fear is totally counterproductive.
We could blame it on the media (and turn it off) – however –

Each of us contributes to collective thought forms.

That’s why it is vital now to move our attention away from fear and anxiety.

Take control and focus upon what you love.
Grow more of that.
Every day.

It’s TIME to lighten up, in order to manifest a lighter and smoother world.

We need to tune our inner radio dial to the gratitude station.

You owe it to yourself and to all of us, to relax,
count your blessings,
love yourself,
bask outdoors in the beauty of the Earth,
phone your friends,
have some fun whenever you can.

The first step in shaping your personal reality is knowing that thought forms are real and powerful.

How have you noticed thought forms playing out in your life?


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