How to Repair Your Lungs after COVID – Visceral Manipulation

After my Coronavirus Journey, I felt deliciously strong, energetic, able to exercise and enjoy life.
I spent all summer feeling grateful to be “normal” again.

When my amazing advanced body work therapist, Valerie Revering, reopened her doors after quarantine season, I was eager to see her.
To my surprise, she said my lungs had the consistency of a hard rubber ball.
She also described them as rubber cement.
(Y’all know that lungs are supposed to be extremely soft and squishy, loose and airy?)

If you think it’s wild that Val could feel my lungs, then you may not have heard of Visceral Manipulation.

Back in the 1970s and 80s, Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. explored how visceral adjustments (of the organs and soft tissues) improve musculoskeletal alignment and good health overall.
He founded the method of Visceral Manipulation.
Since the 1980s Barral has taught Visceral Manipulation worldwide, for the benefit of millions of people.

Why massage your viscera?
Through time, injury, inflammation, lack of motion, our connective tissue (fascia) gets stiff and tight in various locations, which pulls organs and structures out of alignment.

(In my case the virus stiffened my lung tissue, unbeknownst to me. During the illness I had pain down the left bronchus, but I never had a cough. My mild shortness of breath was long-gone, and I felt fine. Some people have more severe lung impairment post-COVID.)

Tight connective tissue can tug, cramp, and impair any of the structures and systems of the body – bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, organs.
All parts of your body are designed to move, slide and stretch constantly.

For instance, your breath moves not only your lungs but your kidneys and other organs.
A restriction anywhere changes the normal healthy patterns, forces other parts to compensate abnormally, and can cause pain and dysfunction.

A Visceral Manipulation Therapist (who is usually skilled in massage and/or other modalities) feels for the decreased motion of the organs and restrictive patterns throughout the body.
The therapist applies gentle pressure, stretching and mobilizing the soft tissues to release restrictions and restore good motion and alignment.

The tissues, organs, and structures feel much happier when they can move freely, in alignment (such is my experience).
Pain dissolves. Better health is restored.

As you may imagine, Visceral Manipulation benefits all kinds of old injuries, whiplash, sports injuries, back pain, migraines, digestive troubles, pelvic pain, fibroids, adhesions and more.
Plus, 80% of musculoskeletal problems involve visceral restrictions. When these are released, lasting musculoskeletal alignment is better achieved.

Lungs_Anatomy Wikimedia

Let’s go back to my lungs – hard rubber ball? Rubber cement?
I didn’t like those words, but when she pressed on my ribcage, it was oddly immobile.

I trust Val. She and her group of therapists are remarkably skilled.

First, she loosened up my lungs from sticking to the walls of my ribs.
We saw, after the session, I naturally took larger breaths with bigger lung capacity.
(I think my oximeter reading improved too – more oxygen in the bloodstream.)
Watch Val work on my lungs.

Usually Visceral Manipulation requires 3 to 5 treatments to get the full benefit for the area of focus.

In my second session, she said my lungs didn’t feel quite as stiff as rubber cement anymore.
She pulled the lobes of the lungs apart, and said it felt like Velcro separating.
Cool, I wished I could feel that.

Her hands went directly to surprisingly sore spots and applied pressure that felt super good to me.
(I didn’t know about those sore spots until she found them so easily. “Hurts so good,” I describe that pressure. My body likes the adjustment.)

After this treatment, my lung capacity measurably increased by 250 cc on the incentive spirometer DSspirometer. (See pic. Exercising the lungs by inhaling on a spirometer helps your recovery.)

My third visit was about a month after the first.
Now the lungs felt like bubble wrap, she said (a lot closer to normal).
This third treatment might be enough to finish softening them up.
Again her hands found all the good spots and stretched them into sweet relief.

At home my spirometer showed even a bit more lung capacity.
Feeling better than ever, now!

If you want to loosen up your lungs post Covid-19, check these few contraindications:

  • You need to have strong bone density for this rib work (not severe osteoporosis).
  • If you had Covid-19 blood clots (or any clots), don’t get Visceral Manipulation.
  • If you have any stents, this method cannot be used on you.

Val and her team at And Breathe wellness center in Phoenix have helped people increase their oxygen levels from 91% to 97%, sometimes in one session.  (Try them at 602 368-9880)

Find Visceral Manipulation practitioners near you.

P.S. As long-haul Covid progresses, Visceral therapists are finding much to repair for practically all internal organs, for some people.


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