Stop Tug-of-War, Time to Let Go of the Rope

One way to make yourself feel worse is to push against what you hate.
We’ve been doing this for millennia.
We divide our personal world into what we like and don’t like,
what we love and what we hate,
what we call “good” and what we call “bad.”

(Broad Perspective doesn’t label good or bad. Everything simply is what it is.)

We paint the bright side brighter and the dark side darker.

Then we push hard against the dark side – and our pushing makes the “dark” stronger than it would be otherwise.
We feed it more energy, by pushing against it.

We think whatever we hate must be stopped and extinguished.

Your friends agree with you that a particular something, somebody, or group is distasteful, wrong, “bad.”
But commiserating about it feeds the “us and them” divide, which never did us any good.
It has only given us more heat, more battles, more misery overall.

We can exhaust ourselves with that tug-of-war, or
we can let go of the rope.

How would it feel to step back and observe?
Let go and take a breath.

This is a holographic world.
Everything in the universe is within you.
Everything on the planet is within you.
All political parties are within you.
All personalities are within you.

Like Walt Whitman, you are large, you contain multitudes (in his poem, “Song of Myself”). 

The truth is, “we” are “them” and “they” are “us.”
We have been wearing blinders for eons, not recognizing each other as part of ourselves.

I’m not saying it’s easy to tolerate aggravating people.
I know how hard that is.

But still there is a neutral place to stand.
It’s a place of breathing, noticing, listening, accepting.
It’s a place of reminding yourself that whatever the heck they’re doing, they are following what seems true to them.

Your own personal truth is still vital.
Voice it loud and clear.
Do what seems good to you.
Take the action you need, while respecting others.

At the same time, we are learning patience.
Let’s take a breath.
Quit burning up the planet with our anger.
Relax that longstanding tug-of-war.

See who we really are.

It feels so freaking good to let go of that rope.

And breathe.

I feel better.
How about you?

David Bohm discovered the holographic nature of our universe.
See the 1-hr film Infinite Potential: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm – free to watch through September 30.

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