See the Amazing Quantum World thanks to David Bohm

Imagine the space around you is full, not empty.
The sky, the space, the air in front of your face,
the astronomical field,
is not an empty vacuum
but a plenum
filled with information and energies.

Everything is totally interconnected.
All the world is a hologram.
The whole universe and every part, including you, is totally connected to every other part.

Take a look at this film I so enjoyed, all about David Bohm and his discoveries.
Bohm took his own unique remarkable path into Quantum Physics,
and he discovered the holographic nature of the universe,
the holographic nature of everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and feel.

Take a look at the undivided wholeness of all things, including yourself.

Free film through September 30th (film length 1:11)
(Don’t let this opportunity slip.)

Infinite Potential: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm
streaming free of charge, thanks to Fetzer Memorial Trust.

You have only until the end of September to watch for free.
Be sure to take advantage!

Infinite Potential Bohm film

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