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To clear up your brain, first consider your prescription drugs, because many of them carry the side effects of confusion and memory loss.


Such was the case for my loved one who was taking Lisinopril for BP and Simvastatin for cholesterol. (Both listed the above side effects.) Now that he’s been off those for 3 months, and doing fine without them, he is much more mentally sharp – hooray!


4 ways to boost your brain:


1. Drink more Water
Even mild dehydration can cause noticeable confusion or poor thinking skills.
The brain is 85% water and it craves water.
(Drink even a gallon a day – or at least half your weight in ounces – 80 oz for 160 lb. person)


Older adults are at higher risk for dehydration.
Unfortunately, the body’s hydration mechanisms decline as we age.
Older adults have reduced thirst signals – they don’t feel thirsty. They need to drink lots of water on purpose. (You might consider using high-mineral Celtic sea salt to hydrate better.)
If you’re feeling foggy, drink some water or fluids, and see if you perk up or improve noticeably. (This often happens within 5-10 minutes.)
If drinking water does help your mental clarity, that suggests you were mildly dehydrated.


2. B vitamins, B-complex – 1 each day
B-complex vitamins containing all the B’s – have shown effectiveness in helping memory and brain fitness. B vitamins also prevent infections and enhance nerve function, energy levels, good eyesight, and good cellular health overall.

Vitamin B12 helps the brain and the whole body.
Most of us need more B12 as we age.




3. Ginkgo Biloba
According to WebMD, Ginkgo Biloba may be the best possible supplement. (They listed a ton of possible supplements, most of which did not pan out.)
Ginkgo Biloba helps with blood flow to the brain, and is commonly used in Europe to enhance memory.
WebMD says more research is needed to prove it, but at the moment they think this dose may help: Ginkgo Biloba 120 mg twice a day


And let’s remember that blood flow anyhow depends on water and exercise – go for both!




4. Coconut Oil
In the latest studies, memory loss is seen as a form of “diabetes of the brain” – meaning that nutrients are not flowing well into brain tissues.
Many have had good success using
Coconut Oil 2 Tablespoons each day to feed the brain and improve memory skills.


Other research says to use liberal amounts of Olive oil in your dishes.




More Options
Do your own investigation on these, but it may be helpful to:


– Get into an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.  


– Use the mind-protecting nutrients in green tea, blueberries and curcumin.


– The aging brain may need CoQ10, lipoic acid, trace elements, Vitamin C, D, E (but check appropriate amounts, ask for your blood levels, etc.)


– A couple products that came highly recommended are “Methylation Protect” and “EB-C3 Delayed Release” – but again, ask your doctor and do your research.




Tell us, what are your favorite brain boosters?


(I like brain games on the web – check out Sharpen Your Brain.)





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