Come Alive with an Easy Cool Clear Rain Meditation

Between the quarantine and the drought, things feel super dry.

In our desert the annual rains seem to be forgetting how much we love them.
Let’s love and celebrate them vibrationally with this rain meditation.

Take a moment to breathe. Relax.
Let your body grow heavy and settle into the Earth.

Nothing must be done.
Let go of every muscle and nerve. Feel them going loose.
Your body gets heavier, resting in the Earth.

The Earth supports you as she always does.
Rest in her arms.
You might feel, sense, or imagine energy flowing from the Earth into the soles of your feet, into your bones, your spine.

Imagine light pouring into the top of your head.
Light streams down throughout your body, down your spinal cord and into every nerve of your whole network. It flows into all those rivers inside you, soothing everything.

Breathe and let go.
No effort.

These natural energies fill you up and restore you,
more and more with every breath.

See yourself standing in a parched dry place of sunshine and blue sky.
The air feels like it’s coming from an oven to your face and your lungs.

But on the horizon, a nest of clouds is gathering.
Puffy and powerful, these clouds expand on their way toward you.

The breeze kicks up some dust, but you don’t care.

You find shelter under a tree. Perfectly safe.
Sit down and lean your back against the strong trunk.
Feel the massive benevolent Earth under you.

The clouds advance, bringing cooler air.

Cloud cover spreads now over half of the sky. Its delicious dark underbelly rolls toward you.

Inhale the cooler breeze, the hint of moisture within it.
So refreshing.

Now the mass of cloud is only a couple miles away, with hazy sheets of rain falling below it.

It’s coming, it’s coming.

The cool wind kicks up stronger.

The front of the gentle storm sails overhead.
Rain dapples your skin.

Raindrops splash upon your face, your shoulders, your arms, your back, your front, your legs, your feet.

Delicious rain soaks into your skin. 

Feel it washing through your whole body, soaking you with blessed moisture.

Cool clear softness spreads into every layer of your being, down into your bones.

Imagine pure water flowing even through the center of your bones.

It is cooling, cleansing, restoring you in every way.

This rain removes whatever you don’t need anymore,
whatever does not serve you.

It floods gently into every cell of your body and mind.

This rain washes away all your old complaints.

Remember that big one, that thorn in your side.
See that old thorn 
loosen up and crumble,
drain down into the ground.

This wondrous rain pours into every dry place in your life.

It streams into every parched pattern or habit.
It washes away every pocket of fatigue and weariness.

Crystal clear water cascades through every part of you.
See it.
Feel it.
Enjoy it.

It flows all the way through you and drenches the ground.

It brings relief.

The shower is passing now.

A few rays of sunlight sparkle upon the last drops, making a rainbow.
The promise of hope.


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Thanks to Wallpaperflare for this Arizona rain image.

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Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach
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