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I’m happy to hear more from the spirit realm, and especially from our beloved Dr. James Martin Peebles.
Peebles is filled with so much love for all and such well-balanced wisdom, he never fails to help me feel better, every time I listen to him.

He shows us the view from a higher perspective, beyond physicality, beyond our troubles.
Yet he gives great practical advice for our troubles.

He understands the human heart.
He understands the heartbreak of what we are living, especially in this super-difficult era of isolation and pandemic.
He guides us to shift out of fear, back to loving our life.

For the past few months, I’ve shared free links to download Peebles’ recent talks.
Again we send a Million Thanks to his brilliant channel, Summer Bacon, for her graceful generosity in sharing these free spiritual downloads.

In the July 29th presentation, discover how your actions, attitudes, and group prayers impact the world. Learn more about healing energy, reincarnation, the nature of time, and the Neowise comet. Hear about the upcoming changes in the way we live our lives.

July 29, 2020 Dr. Peebles Speaks (click to download)

On August 3rd Dr. Peebles addresses how lots of old karma will play out with rapid events in the next several months. (Keep your cool; better times are coming!) Find out the spiritual approach to improve your immune system and to be glad for each day when it dawns. Listen to your inner self and share your unique contribution with the world. Relaxing activities can literally help the planet and the people upon it.

August 3, 2020 Dr. Peebles Speaks  (click to download)

Find more inspiring Peebles material and sign up to stay informed at
Thank you, Summer!


Here’s a younger image of Dr. Peebles in 1872.
J.M. Peebles younger 1872

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