Simple Secrets of Survival in These Hard Times

How about this chaos?
The world is going to hell in a hand-basket, as Grandma would say.
BUT (to paraphrase Dickens) these are both the worst of times and the best of times, the age of both foolishness and wisdom.

Clunky old systems and institutions are crumbling.

We will rebuild our world better.
Things that do not work (racism, hatred, oppression, corruption, conspiracies, lies and illusions) are brashly revealed, so we can clean them out.

Our backward lumpy-headed leaders make us feel smarter and kinder (in comparison to them).

We know we have more kindness, stability, integrity and strength within our own circles.
We have an abundance of goodhearted friends.
We feel called to join together and help each other in whatever way we can.

Yet we feel overwhelmed.
What can I do?
What can one person possibly do?

I want to make a big impact.
But as Mother Teresa said, we usually “cannot do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

This is our transformation now.
The human heart is growing up.

What do you love?
Whom do you love?
Can you love them more?
Spend more of your time feeling love?

Love is the antidote to fear.

Step away from the collective fear.
Fear literally feeds this virus, spreads it, exacerbates it.
(I felt this first-hand when I had the virus.)

Vibration matters.
Our feeling-tone, mood, attitude is the most important tool in our hands.

Transform your inner tone, and that will ultimately transform your world.

We’ve heard that all the world is energy and vibration, but what does that mean in practical terms?
Each thing holds a particular frequency, a frequency signature, a “vibe,” so to speak.

(How is a wooden table different from a tree, a lark different from a falcon? How is the fragrance of a carnation different from a rose?)

It’s easier to relate to “vibration” through emotions.
How does it feel when you’re sitting calmly in a room and someone walks in, either angry or joyful? You feel the frequency. You feel their vibes from across the room.

How does it feel in a work-group of people, when the complainer arrives?
Yeah. That.

Your vibration impacts others – not only in your home but in your neighborhood, in your town.
One coherent peaceful person calms down many.

When you feel good inside, others will too.

How to shift your vibration?
Life is full of positives and negatives – what you like and what you dislike.
To shift into happiness, you must look at what you like.

Keep looking at those things and those people you like.
Celebrate them constantly (with your mind or better, your voice).

Fill your view with everything you love about this moment (despite drawbacks).
Talk about it – what is good and wonderful here and now?

Keep the gratitude rolling.  (Use a gratitude wheel.)


Energy follows attention.
When your attention rests on anything, it gets energized and bigger.

That feeling-tone attracts more of the same, especially when you wallow in it.
“That which is like unto itself is drawn” – Law of Attraction.

Now ponder something wonderful, something you love.
A person, a pet, a beautiful place, a delicious food.
Describe all the reasons you love it.
Watch its energy grow bigger and sweeter inside you.

You’re broadcasting love.


Don’t focus on what you dislike.
Don’t feed it.
Don’t keep your attention on it.
Don’t reproduce it.

Certainly, let your feelings flow – the sadness, anger, fear, frustration – but let them rise and fall.
Don’t dwell on them.
Don’t wallow.
Turn off the bad news and find some fun.
Find your friends. Find what you love.

What’s the payoff for ranting and raging against what you dislike?
More angst.
When you push against things, you choke your own life force energy.

Learn to allow things to be as they are.

I don’t like xyz … those people get my goat … we’d be better without them.
We all tend to say that, yes?

What are your pet peeves?
I know mine – all those snarls and grumps.
My heart clamps down when xyz looms in front of me.

It’s only human, wanting things and people to improve to our standards.

But pulling and pushing for our standards makes us miserable in the long run.
Besides, we’re not in charge of anybody but ourselves.

How would it feel to drop those itchy peeves which have chewed on your heart for years?

What if you could live and let live with “those people,” and take a breath, relax?

Your resistance against them suffocates you.

Forget it.

In our lifelong tug-of-war against certain people, types, things –
it’s time to let go of the rope.
It’s time to drop our resistance.

Let go of the rope.
We can get along with each other.

Watch the human heart grow up.

Reclaim the peace and love in your life.
It’s right here, available.

Move toward your likes (without fighting your dislikes).

Dwell in love … and fear will fade.




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