27 Blockbuster Insights that You are Made of Energy

More than we realize, we are energy beings infused with wondrous Life-giving Source Energy.

The more we relax, lighten up, and allow energy to flow, the more it streams through us. Happiness and energy amplify each other.

When we clamp down, tighten up, and resist what-is – we obstruct the flow of energy.

Subtle energy and light fills the Primo Vascular System of our Meridians. These are rivers running through you.

Subtle electricity and magnetism also pour through us, constantly balancing our equilibrium.

These subtle forces support not only our body but also our field, the space around us (aura), which is part of our being.

In the practice of Biofield Tuning we see how trapped energy in our field has hampered our life. We release that and restore well-being.

In methods of Energy Medicine, from Reiki to Healing Touch to Chakra repairs, we dissolve blockages so natural currents resume.

Acupuncture removes blocks and excesses, and stabilizes the Meridians, your rivers of energy.

Even EFT Meridian Tapping drops obstructions and resumes the easy open movement of natural refreshing energy.

These notions may sound wild, but they are true (even if my 1973 school biology book didn’t say so).

I mean, I’m sure you don’t think you’re just a body, right?

You’re so much more than a body!
You’re a totally unique eternal being of light and love.
You’re a matchless and beautiful energy-spirit-consciousness.

We need your distinctive gifts to play into this orchestra of Life!
We need you on the planet, doing whatever you love to do.

We need the diversity of everybody in this massive rainbow orchestra of All.

Check out the history of human energy discoveries in the chart below.
Historical Discoveries of Human Energy Biofield
Human Energy BioFieldTimeline by Joystream Diane Stallings

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by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay - Lightning Energy Human

(Thanks to Gerd Altmann of Pixabay for this Lightning Energy Human image.)

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