Does Meditation / Energy healing Threaten or Boost your Faith?

“Meditation” can be a word loaded with saffron-robed monks, yogis, gurus, and yet it simply means getting quiet inside. Some traditions call it “Centering Prayer,” a practice of coming to your center and listening.

When you relax, breathe and get quiet inside, you discover that your mind tends to chatter a lot. Your mind disturbs you as it brings up future worries and past regrets.
But for the moment you intentionally let go of all that stuff.
Treat the mental chatter like an old radio that was left on in another room. You’re simply not going to pay attention to it. (Especially ignore bad memories and self-punishing words. Give yourself a break.)

You shift your focus to something else and you keep returning to that focus.
The focus could be a candle, a ticking clock, or the motion of your own breath.
It could be imagery – imagine you’re walking on a beach or floating on a river.

Little by little, like building a muscle, your practice helps you focus more easily.
Within all of this, you feel an increasing sense of calm.
You feel glimmerings of the peace and benevolence which supports everything.

There is a real field of peace, love and gentleness that holds you, that holds the entire world.
For me this is the awesome benefit of meditation: to feel that deeper reality, that divine loving-kindness which carries me and everything else.
Any person from any background can feel this.

Throughout history, all over the planet, saints and sages have always used these practices: let go of distractions and find out what is here, underneath everything else.
They gain a real and personal connection with the Source of all, the One who infuses and enlivens everything.
That is how they report the experience. They’re not rehashing words from a teacher. They’re reporting their personal experience. It’s like a field of energy that supports everything.

Which brings me to energy healing. (It truly brings me, because when I secured a daily meditation practice, my arms and hands began to light up with energy – tingling.)

In our day, science learns a lot about the subtle energy that pours through our body, that pours through everything on the planet. Researchers keep discovering more about this energy, which is the basis for Energy Medicine.

You can feel this energy right now, if you breathe, relax, get quiet, close your eyes.
Rub the palms of your hands together briskly.
Rest your hands for a moment on your thighs. Breathe. Go loose and limp.
Hold your palms out in front of you, facing each other, two feet apart, and slowly bring them toward each other, but don’t let them touch.
Feel whatever you feel on your palms.
Bring them closer and closer together without touching the skin.
What do you sense?
Pull them apart and bring them together again.

People say they feel warmth or tingling, a thickness, sponginess, or a sensation of magnets repelling each other.

The point is, something is between your palms. You would have said it is just air. But you know it is more than just air.
Something is there.

This is the subtle energy that pours through our hands – for every human on the planet. Animals also flow with energy. Everything does.

This is the same energy used in Energy Medicine healing.
It’s as natural as a child with a scraped knee in Mom’s lap, and Mom instinctively holds the knee, soothes it with her touch. That is truly working, more than we know.

We can develop the ability to use our hands for healing. Source energy that enlivens everything flows through our hands.

How awesome is that?
The more you work with it and use it, the more comes through.

In my own journey, meditation and energy healing continue to bring me ever closer in my relationship with the Divine. These practices do not threaten my faith, but strengthen it.

I leave it to you and your explorations.
May you go from strength to strength.

Let me know how it goes.


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